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USAIN BOLT9.58 s BERLIN GERMANY 9,58 s 100m NEW 2009 World Record HD

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Posted 8 years ago
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Category: Sports
Description: Weltrekordlauf von Usain Bolt bei der Weltmeisterschaft in Berlin, aufgezeichnet via ZDF-live-zuschaltung, 2009, Berlin, Germany. Tyson Gay second and Asafa Powell third.
Duration: 3 minutes and 17 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: August 16, 2009
Uploader: hazim307


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1995steph1995 • 7 years ago
das 200m finale der herren
MisterFilOfficial • 7 months ago
Some funny moments about the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. Enjoy! Song: Melange - Anvion Intro Song: Hi-Rez - 3.ft Tall If you have a request for the next video, just leave a comment here below!! Tags: Comedy Track & Field: Bizzare, Fails, Funny Skills, Bloopers HD Funny Usain Bolt Moments Bizzare, Epic Fails, Funny Skills 2017 Top Funny Moments in Running # Are You Ready! 2017 Usain Bolt Usain Bolt 2017 hd Funny Fails Fist Bump Bumps Bumps Awkward Funny moments laugh funny funny 2017
SevenDeuce72 • 7 years ago
Not included is the 4x100m relay when the Jamaican team brought their own record World record of 37.10 down to 36.84 in the London Olympics (2012). But this video only shows his races from 2008-2009. Since 2008, Usain Bolt has broken 6 world records, breaking the 100m and 200m records three and two times respectively, and with the help from his fellow Jamaican teammates, also set a new world record in the 4x100m relay in Beijing. In just a year, he's established himself as one of the greatest sprinters in history. Here are his 6 world record races provided to you by CBS Sports, NBC Olympics, and Universal Sports. 2008 Reebok Grand Prix 100m Final: 9.72 2008 Beijing Olympics 100m Final: 9.69 200m Final: 19.30 4x100m Relay Final: 37.10 2009 IAAF World Championships 100m Final: 9.58 200m Final: 19.19 He also has a "World's Best" record for the 150m that he set in Manchester, but this is considered more of an exhibition event.
Vegan Health Fitness • 3 years ago
Usain Bolt Versus Cristiano Ronaldo in the 100. Who would win? Is Cristiano Ronaldo faster than Usain Bolt at the start of the race? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VeganHealthFitness Twitter: https://twitter.com/VegHealthFit MyFitnessPal: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/Broscientest Instagram: http://instagram.com/johnkeatingfitness Online Coaching: [email protected] Patreon Donation: https://www.patreon.com/user?u 739289&ty h
6neptyk6 • 7 years ago
USAIN BOLT 200m rekord PL + wywiad
Ammler75 • 7 years ago
It was the most exciting competition in the history of athletics. We write the 30 August 1991 World Championships in the Olympic Stadium of Tokyo. Powell and Carl Lewis also surpassed the world record of her legendary compatriot Bob Beamon with 8,90 m at that time were hailed as the jump into the next century, established since 18 October 1968 at the Olympic Games in Mexico City. At this distance the "Flyer" had tough himself for many years the teeth. In the third round, then took Lewis measure and landed an inch of world record at 8,91 m-. But the movement had a strong tailwind with 2.9 m / sec. Powell countered this width at the fifth attempt in regular conditions, and increased the world record by five centimeters. Carl Lewis was his 5. leap "only" 8.87 m and reach the last 8.84 m. "A dream became reality," rejoiced after the world champion. He had to come out of the shadows by Lewis and had inflicted after 65 victories of long jump since 1981 the first defeat this. In his world record set, Powell had not even optimally met the bar. Measurements showed that he had jumped even 8,98 m. Es war der spannendste Wettkampf in der Geschichte der Leichtathletik. Wir schreiben den 30. August 1991. WM im Olympiastadion von Tokio. Powell und auch Carl Lewis übertrafen den seit dem 18. Oktober 1968 bei den Olympischen Spielen in Mexiko-Stadt aufgestellten Weltrekord ihres legendären Landsmannes Bob Beamon, dessen 8,90 m damals als der Sprung ins nächste Jahrhundert gefeiert wurden. An dieser Weite hatten sich die "Flieger" jahrelang die Zähne ausgebissen. Im dritten Durchgang nahm dann Lewis Maß und landete bei 8,91 m - einen Zentimeter über Weltrekord. Doch der Satz hatte mit 2,9 m/Sek. einen zu starken Rückenwind. Powell konterte diese Weite im fünften Anlauf bei regulären Bedingungen und steigerte den Weltrekord um fünf Zentimeter. Carl Lewis konnte bei seinem 5. Sprung "nur" 8,87 m und im letzten 8,84 m erreichen. "Ein Traum wurde Wirklichkeit", jubelte der Weltmeister danach. Er war damit aus dem Schatten von Lewis getreten und hatte diesem nach 65 Weitsprung-Siegen seit 1981 die erste Niederlage beigebracht. Bei seinem Weltrekord-Satz hatte Powell den Balken nicht einmal optimal getroffen. Messungen ergaben, dass er sogar 8,98 m gesprungen war.
JS10productions • 4 years ago
Aubameyang schneller als Bolt auf 30 meter Aubameyang: 3,70 s Bolt: 3,78 s. Aubameyang is faster than Bolt on 30 m Aubameyang runs 3,70 s & Bolt 3,78 s Fastests Men On The World Wr Usain Bolt Sprinter Of The World To Fast! Fast than Fire Fast & Furious?
Olympic • 2 years ago
Germany's Matthias Steiner won Olympic weightlifting gold at the 2008 Beijing summer games, but just a year previously he almost quit the sport completely. The German had a very different reason to most athletes for the emotional outpour that Olympic victory sparks. Subtitles available via closed captions. Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: http://bit.ly/1dn6AV5 Find more about the Olympic Games at http://www.olympic.org/olympic-games Follow your favourite athletes on the Olympic Athletes Hub: http://hub.olympic.org/ Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/olympics Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Olympics Instagram: http://instagram.com/olympics
MisterFilOfficial • 4 months ago
Usain Bolt's improvements from 2004 to 2017. Also the fastest man in the world started from the bottom. Enjoy! Races: Olympics, Athens 2004 World Championships, Helsinki 2005 World Athletics Tour, Lausanne 2006 World Championships, Osaka 2007 World Championships, Berlin 2009 Diamond League, Lausanne 2010 World Championships, Daegu 2011 Diamond League, Brussels 2011 Diamond League, Brussels 2013 Athletics Meets, Warsaw 2014 World Championships, Beijing 2015 Diamond League, London 2016 Nitro Athletics, Melbourne 2017 Song: Ross Budgen - Rapture Intro Song: Hi-Rez - 3ft Tall If you have a request for the next video, just leave a comment here below!! Tags: Track & Field News Events 2017 Usain Bolt 100m 200m WR 9.58 Usain Bolt Young 2004 2005 2006 Running Olympics 2012 2016 HD Usain Bolt Justin Gatlin Wins Gold Usain Bolt Justin Gatlin 2017 Epic race 2017 Exciting Impossible Run 2017 Usain Bolt Last Race The Campion HD Nitro Athletics 2017
The Violin Hero • 2 years ago
Watch this training session with Usain Bolt! Enjoy! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Stay Tuned!