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U.S. attorney drops drugs charges against 28 defendants

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Posted 2 years ago
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Category: News & Politics
Description: A federal judge on Thursday dismissed indictments against 10 of 28 defendants in major drug cases because an FBI agent may have been involved in tampering with evidence including firearms and narcotics. http://bit.ly/1opTX7e
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Published: November 07, 2014
Uploader: ABC7 WJLA


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More info at http://www.shouselaw.com/drug-crimes.html A former police officer -- now criminal defense lawyer -- discusses 3 ways to fight and beat a drug or narcotics charge. In this video, the drug crimes defense lawyer explains (1) running a suppression motion to show that the police lacked probable cause and violated your rights when they searched you and your property, (2) showing that the defendant was not the one in actual possession of the drugs or narcotics, and (3) showing that the client was not aware of the illegal nature of the drugs or narcotics, Between these methods, it's possible for a criminal defense lawyer to get many drugs and narcotics cases reduced or dismissed.
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How to defend and win a drug possession case due to insufficient evidence, lack of exclusive possession or illegal search. Visit our website for further information on drug possession: https://sydneydruglawyers.com.au/helpful-info/how-to-win-your-drug-case/ Sydney Drug Lawyers are a team of experienced and highly respected Drug Lawyers with offices located opposite Sydney's Downing Centre Court within the Sydney CBD. Don't forget to Subscribe to our Channel for more videos!
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mirrored from TheYoungTurks Published on Dec 14, 2012 "HSBC will pay $1.9 billion of the 60 trillion Laundered to settle a money-laundering probe by U.S. federal and state authorities, reports CBS News. The financial institution was in violation of the Bank Secrecy Act and the Trading With the Enemy Act. There were transfers through HSBC's U.S. division by Mexican drug cartels. And The United States Government DID NOT PUT ONE SINGLE PERSON IN JAIL, THAT IS HIGH TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO ARE JAILED FOR A GRAM OF DRUGS. THIS SHOULD PISS OFF ANY RATIONAL PERSON! There's a two-tier HIGH TREASON justice system in America. Need proof? Bankers for HSBC were found guilty of laundering 60 TRILLION dollars for drug cartels and groups linked to Al-Qaeda. Their punishment? Pay a small portion of their billions of profit, and defer bonuses. THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY A FOREIGN DICTATOR Stephanie George received a life sentence without parole in 1997 because her boyfriend stashed half a kilogram of cocaine in her home and she had a couple of previous small-time drug deal on her record. Cenk Uygur breaks down this ridiculous disparity of justice between the rich and the poor, explaining why we need to change the system. And the only way to change this is by EXERCISING OUR 2nd AMENDMENT BY FORCIBLY REMOVING THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT TERRORISM - REAL TERRORISM, ALLOWED BY THE U.S. FEDERAL WASHINGTON D.C. GOVERNMENT. *Read more from Michael Allen/ Opposing Views: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/politics/foreign-policy/war-terror/hsbc-and-st...
The Umansky Law Firm • 4 years ago
Charges of Tampering with Evidence can be very tricky because of the fact that the evidence can't be altered or destroyed in any way, shape, or form. When evidence is thrown from the conveyance, like in this particular case, the evidence was easy to recover and retained its original condition. It took a solid defense to prove that tampering was not the appropriate charge for the situation. You will be charged with tampering of evidence if you have altered, destroyed, concealed or removed any document or thing which will impair its availability in any investigation or proceeding. This type of felony presupposes that another crime has been committed and the person is concealing said crime. This will cause severe consequences as the state is quite stern on persons charged with this type of crime. The intent of destroying the evidence will give the state an impression that the offender has indeed committed an offense and is preventing the law enforcers from discovering it. Tampering of evidence is a third degree felony that can cause you five years imprisonment, 5 years of probation and $5000 fine. Thus it is recommended that you contact a lawyer to discuss available options. With your lawyer's assistance he may be able to have the case dismissed or lessen the penalties imposed against you depending on the facts of your case. The Umansky law firm has years of experience handling this type of case. In one of their cases they were contacted by a client who was charged with tampering of evidence and possession of marijuana under 20 grams. The firm finds the evidence against their client weak and went to talk to the prosecutor to have it dismissed. The prosecutor wanted their client to serve 6 months jail time. But the firm was able to prove that the state's evidence is weak and would be unable to prove that indeed their client tampered the evidence. As such the prosecutor dropped the charges against their client. As to their client's possession of marijuana charges the firm was able to resolve it with their client paying only a small amount of fine, no jail time and probation and no felony conviction on his record. Without a lawyer's assistance any person arrested of tampering will most likely serve jail time and will have this in his record. Why would you let that happen when you can save yourself the trouble by just calling your lawyer to defend the case for you. To learn more about Drug-related charges, please visit the following link: http://www.thelawman.net/Drug-Offenses/Marijuana-Charges.shtml The Umansky Law Firm 1945 E Michigan St. Orlando, FL 32806 www.thelawman.net 407-228-3838 https://www.google.com/maps/place/The+Umansky+Law+Firm/@28.513487,-81.356259,17z/data !3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x88e77074c9beb5e3:0x863bce0a17828adb
ABC 10 News • 4 years ago
A federal judge's stunning decision to toss out a drug indictment could have a ripple effect on other cases.
The Law Office of Paul D. Petrus, Jr. • 1 year ago
Most federal drug charges are federal conspiracy charges. The reason for this is because it is easier to convict someone of conspiracy as opposed to possession. Conspiracy is much easier to prove because they do not need to be in possession of any drugs at the time or arrest. The punishment for conspiracy is the same as possession so there is no reason to charge someone with possession. If you or a loved one is being charged with a crime in New York, you need the experience of a knowledgeable NYC criminal defense attorney. Contact Paul D. Petrus, Jr. at (212) 564-2440 or visit http://petruslaw.com to schedule a free consultation today.
Christopher P • 2 years ago
Check out these other videos I made! Criminal Masterminds: Career shoplifter uses loophole to never get caught - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v _5v4r... This video is satirizing crime shows, it isnt real. The reason you were able to realize it isnt real is because i wasnt trying to fool you.
Kenneth Vercammen Esq. Edison • 1 year ago
1. No discovery Send a discovery letter/letter of representation to both the District Attorney/Municipal Prosecutor, Police Records Bureau of the law enforcement agency which issued the complaint and the Court Clerk. Failure of the state to provide discovery may be grounds to dismiss the charges. 2. Suppression A timely Motion to Suppress Evidence must be made. Do it immediately; do not wait to receive discovery. 3. Subpoena witnesses defense counsel should subpoena witnesses, sometimes even serving a subpoena duces tecum on the arresting officer to compel him to bring to court the object allegedly observed in plain view. Credibility will be tested when the object that was claimed to be in plain view inside a car is actually only one half inch long. Cross examination is pivotal in determining credibility. Failure to subpoena a witness may be malpractice if your necessary witness is not present. 4. First Offender programs Many states provide that a person not previously convicted of a drug offense and who has not previously been granted "supervisory treatment" may apply for a conditional discharge/dismissal of charges. The court, upon notice to the prosecutor, may suspend further proceedings and place the defendant on supervisory treatment (i.e., probation, supervised or unsupervised attendance at Narcotics Anonymous, etc.). 5. No lab tests The State must prove the substance seized was a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). To prove the substance is CDS, either the lab technician who examined the substance must be called testify, or the State will have to admit the lab certificate. If the State intends to proffer the lab certificate at the trial, a notice of an intent to proffer that certificate, and all reports relating to the analysis of the CDS, should be served by the state on defense counsel. This includes an actual copy of the lab certificate. Defense counsel must notify the prosecutor in writing of defendant's objection to the admission into evidence of the certificate, plus set forth the grounds for objection. Failure by defense counsel to timely object shall constitute a waiver of any objection to the certificate, thus, the certificate will be submitted into evidence. If the state can't introduce lab results, the state can't use. 6. Chain of Custody The State must then establish a chain of custody. The prosecutor's witness will call additional witnesses to prove the locations of the seized drugs from the moment of initial seizure to the time of the testing of the illegal drug. Defense counsel can contest the chain of custody. 7. Confession excluded If the state will be attempting to introduce a confession or other incriminating statements, defense counsel may request an Evidence rule hearing to determine if the requirements of Miranda v. Arizona 384 US. 436 (1966) have been violated. 8. Constructive possession not proven The burden of primary possession/constructive possession remains on the State. The State must prove it was defendant's conscious intention to obtain or possess the item while being aware it was cocaine. Defendant's constructive possession may sometimes be shown by proof that the narcotics were subject to dominion and control. If two or more persons share actual or constructive possession, then their possession is joint. However, mere presence on premises where CDS is found is not sufficient, in itself, to justify an inference that a particular defendant was in sole or joint possession of the substance. See http://www.njlaws.com/defense_to_possession_of_drugs.html
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