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Ultraman Cosmos Episode 1

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Posted 2 years ago
Ultraman Cosmos (TV Program), Ultraman (TV Program), Film (Media Genre)
Category: Film & Animation
Description: -Reunion with Light-Subbed in English by HKSubs, Language Japanese.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Guys, from now on I will use this channel as my current channel.The reason why I did not use my old channel (Bubblezb56) is because I suppose to put the channel URL to "www.youtube.com/user/bubblezb56" but I accidentally put it to "www.youtube.com/user/ultramanbeatkaiju31" instead. Plus, the video arrangement is messed up. I don't like that so I rearrange it in this new channel instead. I will abandon my old account (Bubblezb56) and I will be using that account again in case if I have a purpose or anything to do with it. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT!!! READ UPDATE ON THE COMMENT SECTION
Duration: 24 minutes and 9 seconds
Rating: 8/10 - Good
Definition: SD
Published: December 12, 2014
Uploader: Bubblezb59


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All Ultraman With Host/Human Form 1966- 2017 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Rider Channel talk about tokusatsu like kamen rider, super sentai, Ultraman, Power Ranger and other. NOTICE : The material to make this video is not my own. All images copyright in this video has the original owner (TOEI, TSUBURAYA & SABAN). And Picture I take From Google Image And Wikia.com. MUSIC : - Run by Ethan Meixsell - Takeoff by Ethan Meixsell - By the Sword by Ethan Meixsell -POWER RIDER CHANNEL-
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This is the climactic battle from "Ultraman Cosmos: First Contact" fitted with an entirely new soundtrack. New sound effects and a new music score, written by me with samples from Project D.M.M.'s "Spirit." Most of the sound effects are from the "Climax Heroes OOO" video game, and Ultraman is owned by Tsuburaya Productions.
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Hello All Ultraman Kids :-) People, Parents (and also) Big Fans!!! Lovers!!! This is All Ultraman Complete Series Transformations. By the Way I want to Add more Ultraman but sadly... There's Ultra brothers Without His Human host(Zoffy, Xenon ETC) But It's OK :-) , You all Have to see At The LAST. I Hope You Like and Enjoy. I Made This video To Warn 50th Anniversarry of Ultraman All of Video is not my Purposes That's from Tsurubuya productions #Tsurubuya Productions #shinultramanretsuden #Ultraman
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The various Ultra transformations and how each one has been activated/performed throughout the years! No copyright infringement intended. ULTRAMAN and related characters property of Tsuburaya Productions. Footage and music are used solely for the entertainment of others, education, and to bring awareness to the franchise.