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UK Stop And Search - Your Rights

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Posted 1 year ago
Powers Of The Police In England And Wales, Politics (TV Genre), United Kingdom (Country)
Category: People & Blogs
Description: Know your stop and search rights. Please share. Link to Pace Documentation: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1984/60/contentsGovt. Guidelines on S&S:https://www.gov.uk/police-powers-to-stop-and-search-your-rights
Duration: 5 minutes and 17 seconds
Rating: 8/10 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: October 29, 2015
Uploader: A Bloom


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Graham Walker • 4 years ago
http://www.roadtrafficlaw.com You call us free on 0800 612 9597 in this video Graham Walker of Roadtrafficlaw.com explains what to do if pulled over by the traffic police in Scotland.Short advice video with some helpful hints and tips about what to do if stopped for speeding, dangerous driving etc http://www.roadtrafficlaw.com/services/speeding-in-scotland
AZ MAD • 2 years ago
NO CONSENT GIVEN, I am the one holding the camera. This is the fourth time in one month I have been stopped for nothing.
Rasher Ó Reilly • 4 years ago
Every week outside the G.P.O in Dublin various groups and campaigns hand out leaflets to people passing by . For some unknown reason this week 21/09/13 the city's litter warden didn't like this but when challenged didn't have a lot to say both himself and the Garda gave up and walked away .
UK Kerb • 1 year ago
We don't cooperate with 5-0, even at 5 in the morning. The police show up at 5 am trying to use scare tactics to gain personal information, well they came to the wrong place. This isn't the first time either. #KnowYourRights
Kaz Miah • 1 year ago
When you haven't done anything and the met police arrest you and put handcuffs damaging your watch. Don't give your name and they wanna take a pic. Like say cheese man. What next?
TmanNW93 • 2 years ago
They stopped me for one reason then changed it to drugs and also admits that if I did not stop and talk to him he would put my face on the ground. End up leaving without search.
Anonymous • 6 months ago
video mirrored from original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v Q5K80vKgIdk In this latest clip we find a man being stopped by uk police for a stop and search. if you enjoyed this clip please hit the like
Zac Man • 2 years ago
I was stopped today by police for speeding ( 20Mph ) thought I'd do a photo shoot with the donuts that stopped me and kept me for 20 mins I done a silent protest lol and refused to talk because when I asked for clarification regarding why I was stopped I was told I was being too aggressive. So I then remained silent then only only to be told I was being difficult when I stayed silent ( can't win either way ). I wouldn't recommend this tactic but it was funny looking back.
BeanMeister22 • 4 weeks ago
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Courtney Sherives • 2 years ago
This short film was made in conjunction with ODD Arts and The Hideaway project Manchester. Wrote by the young people of moss side, it highlights how do deal with a routine stop and search. Please share your rights now. Filmed and edited by Courtney Sherives