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u looking at me?

· 2 · 7.3 thousand
Posted 2 years ago
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Category: People & Blogs
Description: ready to serve real alpha male?www.absoluteperfectioncashrape.weebly.com skype : absoluteperfection.cashrapeinstagram : absoluteperfectioncashrape
Duration: 58 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: May 28, 2015


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Absolute Perfection • 2 weeks ago
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www.absoluteperfectioncashrape.weebly.com skype :absoluteperfection.cashrape instagram : absoluteperfectioncashrape
Absolute Perfection • 2 months ago
u where u belong to be down on the floor like a bug www.payyourexistence.com
Absolute Perfection • 2 years ago
www.absoluteperfectioncashrape.weebly.com email: [email protected] skype : absoluteperfection.cashrape
Absolute Perfection • 4 months ago
Dominant Alpha male loving to control and own your world. WARNING!! Im very addictive !! I Am the S U P R E M E Highness of Domination , King of Paypets and Losers, Dream Shopping Slaves, Ultimate Financial Domination Master....The One and Only MasterStefano. I'm a E X FITNESS MODEL . I'm a Bitch and I'm a GOD. I'm here for My pleasure only. I will seduce you into my Dominant Kingdom, where I wrap your B R A I N in no time! If you want my attention you will obey.Your life as you know it has ended the day you first saw Me. Welcome to my page... If you found me here I assume you are interested in Financial Domination and knowing a little more or even a lot more about me... and seeing if we *click*..What is domination for me? It is the power I have over you... ultimate domination would be to have total power over you.... you will spoil me and tribute to me regularly... and maybe one day... I will totally control your finances... who knows... I expect you to spoil me rotten... and this is not about money... I do not need your money for my living expenses... I will never depend on you... your tributes are meant to make my life better... I love shopping and knowing you work for it... makes it so enjoyable! Financial Domination is P O W E R . It is my adrenaline. So call me ! If you email me, always attach a tribute to show respect. www.absoluteperfectioncashrape.weebly.com skype :absoluteperfection.cashrape
Absolute Perfection • 4 months ago
WARNING!! ­Im very a­ddictive !­! I Am the S­ U P R E M­ E Highnes­s of Domin­ation , Ki­ng of Pay­pets and ­Losers, Dr­eam Shoppi­ng Slaves,­ Ultimate ­Financial ­Domination­ Master...­.The One a­nd Only Ma­sterStefan­o. I'm a E­ X FITNESS­ MODEL . ­I'm a Bitc­h and I'm ­a GOD. I'm­ here for ­My pleasur­e only. I ­will seduc­e you into­ my Domina­nt Kingdom­, where I ­wrap your ­B R A I N ­in no time­! If you w­ant my att­ention you­ will obey­.Your life­ as you kn­ow it has ­ended the ­day you fi­rst saw Me­. SKYPE : Absoluteperfection.cashrape Instagram absoluteperfectioncashrape
Absolute Perfection • 2 years ago
www.absoluteperfectioncashrape.weebly.com instagram: absoluteperfectioncashrape skype :absoluteperfection.cashrape
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get more at www.payyourexistence.com
tlc uk • 8 months ago
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