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TV Anchor Mehar Bukhari Kissing Exposed :Must watch

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Posted 4 years ago
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Category: Entertainment
Description: TV Anchor Mehar Bukhari Kissing Exposed :Must watch
Duration: 38 seconds
Rating: 5/10 - Poor
Definition: SD
Published: July 06, 2013
Uploader: jessica taylor


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jessica taylor • 4 years ago
Ayesha takai sexy back bare....
zeeshanabl • 5 years ago
Tips For Healthy Lifestyle • 1 year ago
Pakistan media channel abusing online Bloopers short clips,amazing A few days ago, someone forwarded me a video of the very famous VJ, Mathira. The clip showed her being abused and harassed by live callers. At first, I was quite annoyed with the live callers, but when I watched closely, the live callers weren’t the only ones to be blamed, were they? After all the lady does dress very cheaply and at times, uses indecent facial gestures during her live call sessions. The only thing I can praise her for is the way she bashes rude live callers very confidently. Some media people tend to drop offensive live calls the moment they find that a caller is exceeding his or her limits. How come these calls to Mathira didn’t get dropped-was it deliberate? We were all told from the very early childhood that Pakistan came into being in August 1947 and it is a fact that the very basis of the country lies in the Two-Nation Theory according to which Hindus and Muslims are two different nations. But what we weren’t told by our parents, teachers and the Social Studies books was that though Hindus might have been a separate nation, it, by no means, means that they deserve to be shamed or demonised for their religion or should be abused for just being Hindus. Neo TV recently aired a show in which a Punjabi stage actor Sajan Abbas openly abuses Hindus calling them as ‘Hindu Kutte’ (lit. Hindu dogs). How could he? How dare he? How dare a person abuse an entire community on TV and simply get away with it? How could the producer produce this? How could the editor allow this? Is there anyone at PEMRA to take notice of this plain BS? We all know Pakistan came into being on the basis of Two-Nation Theory but how does that grant us the permission to abuse Hindus? How does that allow a TV channel to air abusive remarks about Hindu community or any other community? This is more than just shameful. It is the misuse of the very ideology on which this country was formed. Yes, Pakistan is predominantly a Muslim country and was made to safeguard the rights of the Muslims (who, by the way, were minority in the united India) but that doesn’t mean we have been granted the license to abuse the minorities here. PEMRA must take a strong action against this channel and the producers of the program who allowed such derogatory remarks about an entire community on national TV. There are about 5 million Hindus living in Pakistan and they are all the citizens of Pakistan. Calling them as dogs or even the Hindus living across the border is disgraceful and reprehensible. An action not taken now will literally mean that the media laws in this country are nothing but, as Zia would call them, a mere piece of paper. video of pakistan live caller insult pakistani anchors sxxxoxxxe pakistan video sxxxoxxxe pakistan news pakistan news video pakistan funny media pakistani news india Please Subscribe my Channel for more interesting videos: ►Youtube: http://corneey.com/qD23O6 ► Facebook: http://corneey.com/qD25Kc ►Facebook Group: http://corneey.com/qD26sX ►Google Plus: http://corneey.com/qD27uW ►Twitte: http://corneey.com/qD27EV ► You tube Channel: http://corneey.com/qD28iA ► Google plus: http://corneey.com/qD28QK ►website: http://clkmein.com/qDrILQ
LTV Live Broadcast • 1 month ago
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ThePakiSami • 4 years ago
Indian Hacker allegedly hacked Meher Bukhari's computer and leaked her controversial pictures.
PrankLife • 9 months ago
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Nm Production • 5 years ago
Aztech Dig • 3 years ago
Iftikhar Thakur • 3 years ago
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Alia Doshanjj • 7 months ago
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