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"Trespasser Strike" Delayed/Retracked Amtrak & MBTA Trains in Sharon MA (5/14/12)

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Posted 5 years ago
Acela Express hits person, amtrak train hits person, trespasser strike, MBTA, MBCR, Amtrak, Sharon MA, Trains, fast amtrak trains
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Description: This is a video containing all of the Amtrak & MBTA trains that had to share one track Monday afternoon while police investigated an area 1 mile south of this station. I briefly show the bus's and the Acela train that struck the trespasser before I show all the trains I caught right after they reopened the Corridor. When I got to the station around 5:30pm or so, no trains were moving and the signs read "Trespasser Strike, no trains moving, expect 61 minute delays." I caught multiple trains passing through on the outbound track heading towards Boston. Meanwhile the many people waiting to pick family and friends up at the station, were wondering why the MBTA wasn't giving out much info. Although, the MBTA was distributing many T-Alerts at the time, no one seemed to have T-Alerts on their phones. Anyways after about 40 minutes of slow action and Amtrak trains sharing the southbound track with MBTA trains, the corridor opened the northbound track back up.
Duration: 11 minutes and 19 seconds
Rating: 8/10 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: May 16, 2012
Uploader: Tcostello105


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Amtrak • 1 year ago
At Amtrak we know the future of the Northeast Corridor depends on the investments we make today, which is why we are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the next-generation of high-speed rail. The new trainsets will replace the current Acela Express equipment and begin service in 2021. For this project, we are pleased to be partnering with Alstom, a leading global provider of innovative systems and equipment in the railway sector. Alstom will be building these new trainsets in New York State, with 95% of the trainset’s components being made in America, and parts coming from 350 suppliers in 30 U.S. states. Learn more at http://media.amtrak.com/ Video courtesy © Alstom SA, 2016 © Meconopsis by Trimaran. All rights reserved. Avelia Liberty high-speed train.
Trinity Court Studios • 2 years ago
This was an unbelievable Rush Hour. There was even a RACE!!!! There is SO much Amtrak, MBTA and Pan Am Railways freight trains it will make your head spin!! Enjoy!! -Mike
BaltimoreAndOhioRR • 5 years ago
csx light power move finds some hikers walking through Harpers Ferry tunnel
spencerhughes2255 • 2 years ago
I UNDERSTAND, These are not the fastest trains in the world, but they still HAUL in Southern California! In this video you'll witness 50+ shots, of mostly Pacific Surfliner sets.. & occasional Amfleet & Coast Starlight trains. All footage I shot during 2012 - 2015. If you like what you see, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! 100% of the content seen on this channel was created by Spencer Hughes. I OWN ALL THE RIGHTS to the videos on this channel unless otherwise noted. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN TO UPLOAD ANY OF MY VIDEOS ANYWHERE ELSE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR CONSENT. DOING SO VIOLATES COPYRIGHT AND VIOLATORS CAN BE PUNISHED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Millenniumforce • 2 years ago
This is the second episode of season two and is it funny. Watch how Millenniumforce and his talking stupid orange manage to get oranges relatives aboard the Amtrak train to go home. Guest stars Crazy Red Neck Woman Charlotte Grayson. For a limited time and only 150 shirts available. The new Millenniumforce fan and subscriber youtube shirts are here. Click link to order one here. https://www.booster.com/my-you-tube-channel-shirts-are-now-available-to-all-my-fans-and-subscribers?ref CRM_Trigger_Live_CampaignLive&utm_source CRM_trigger&utm_medium email&utm_campaign CRM_Trigger_Live_CampaignLive
Tcostello105 • 4 years ago
So this afternoon I went to Canton Junction and caught a high speed close up meet between two Amtrak trains! As the end of the Acela went by, a torn up MBTA sign whipped past me and shattered into several fragments. If the platform was crowded people could of really gotten hurt! I was very lucky, the signs were made of plastic,plaster and metal sheeting.
spencerhughes2255 • 3 years ago
Encinitas, CA San Diego County Saturday November 9th, 2013 Train #1 - Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #777, with cabcar #6951 FLYING through the coaster station, and running about 3 minutes late. F59PHI #463 on the back. 1:35) Train #2 - Amtrak #572 with Amfleet cars running about 25 minutes late, with P42DC #83 leading with a nice K5L Horn sequence. F40PH #90208, and the Silver Splendor private car on the back. 2:50) Train #3 - Amtrak #583 with amfleet cars running about 25 minutes late, with F40PH #90208 leading. 4:09) Train #4 - Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #774 running 1 Hour & 39 minutes Late, and less than an hour away from being fully dark !!! Watch as F59PHI #455 FLYS through Encinitas with awesome K5LA Action !!! 5:29) Train #5 - Amtrak Pacific Surfliner #580, with F59PHI #462 leading the way, and FLYING through the station, running about 8 minutes late. 6:05) Bonus train #1 7:26) Bonus train #2 8:36) Bonus train #3
alex wood • 10 months ago
In this video I managed to catch not 1 but 2 rescue trains in as many days! On Wednesday I was on a MBTA to Boston when we were forced to rescue another MBTA train that broke down outside Hyde Park Station. It took 40 minutes for us to hook up to the disabled train and I filmed the 13 car train at Back Bay. The next night TrainBrain2000, Northside_modelrailroader, and I caught the disabled NE Regional 175 in Providence, RI along with a few other trains. We filmed the entire rescue operation, including the process of hooking up the rescue engines to the disabled train. Hope you all enjoy! Intro Music: Sing for the Moment by Eminem Filmed Between 10/26/16 and 10/27/16
Tcostello105 • 6 years ago
I arrived at Rte.128 Station in Westwood MA at about 5:45pm to find train 923 disabled with passengers waiting. A separate train coupled up to the back of the disabled train and the passengers waiting in train 923 were sent to wait inside for the next Providence train. After the second train coupled to the back of the train the outbound Providence train arrived on track 2 taking the 923's passengers home to providence after a 45-50 minute delay. I caught the lash-up between 923 and the rescue train which then tested its brakes and pulled the disabled train back into Boston. Meanwhile another disabled train caused a 4 hour delay in Fitchburg MA.
CoasterFan2105 • 2 years ago
It is America's fastest train - the Acela! Take a look at a few clips of Amtrak's Acela Express train as it zooms along the North East Corridor. This train has a top speed of 150 miles per hour, and we will see Acela zoom through some of the fastest stretches of track on the line. Experience Acela! CoasterFan2105 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CoasterFan2105 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoasterFan2105 ©2015 Mike Armstrong Video