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Toronto traffic police at work - ticketing for incorrect parking

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Posted 3 years ago
1080p, Full, HD, Video, Toronto police, Toronto, Ontario, Life in Canada, Toronto traffic police, Canada (Country), Police Officer (Occupation)
Category: Travel & Events
Description: Life in Canada, Toronto municipal police at work, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1080p Full HD Video
Duration: 1 minute and 9 seconds
Rating: 3/10 - Poor
Definition: HD
Published: April 05, 2014
Uploader: opentoronto


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reealitey • 2 years ago
Harassment in downtown Toronto from a wannabe vigilante parking officer racist. This guy sees me with a scarf on my head, running to pick up something, and decides he wants to mess with the "foreigner", or so he had hoped. Notice the courier vehicle in the video also park illegally. After I shut off the video I asked him why does he not stand in front of that vehicle as well? This guy began to hesitate when he realized my language skills and sense to videotape and look for witnesses. I feel bad for the next person he decides to harass that may not have a camera or might actually be a foreigner.
ShakTV • 3 years ago
Upon moving to Toronto, I observed many people experiencing issues with city parking enforcement. Consequently, it resulted in my engaging a paralegal to deal with all parking enforcement and payment - it seems to be the only way to ensure fairness - we challenge any tickets, follow due process, and pay on the occasions where the courts deem the charges valid. In parking near the Bloor & Sherbourne area, I experienced "double-ticketing" that was new to me. Upon returning to my car, I would find two parking tickets, made within less than an hour of each-other, always with one citing violation code 20 and the other being violation code 220. The description of each code is suspiciously similar, and I suspected that this "double-ticketing" practice was unjust. In August 2014, I encountered two parking enforcement officers, who state that I can only receive one ticket per day in that area. It is not within the circumstance where parking becomes invalid due to highway (rush-hour) rules that take effect at certain times, which one officer raises in this video; violation codes 20 & 220 being made together were within the same period of conditions, in normal parking hours for business days. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Denis Tichenkov • 2 years ago
Signal right, cut me off left, cut off another guy right, cause an accident...
CityNews Toronto • 3 years ago
The City of Toronto is considering a new program which would move at least some parking ticket disputes from the courtroom to a municipal office.
Cactus Desert • 10 months ago
Nearly getting run over by a parking attendant after calling him out for nearly reversing into my car and acting aggressively towards me when I challenged him...He even called the police out and after I was told I could go noticed he had tried putting a $450 parking ticket on me...#idiot
Mr. Brovo • 3 years ago
During the Toronto International Film Festival, a Toronto police officer goes above and beyond the line of duty to threaten arrest Toronto Batman. But was there a need? You be the judge. Thanks to TIFF, Whatever security company that was, the city of Toronto and yes even the Toronto Police. Shot and Edited by Aaron Drake: www.youtube.com/PixelLitch Follow www.twitter.com/torontobatman See ya soon!
KRON 4 • 4 years ago
KRON 4's Stanley Roberts reports
Jeremy Siemens • 4 years ago
After this parking enforcement officer parked in the worst possible location, I decided to call the parking authority to see if they would enforce the law with one of their own...