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Tokyo Blade - Night Of The Blade - 1984 (FULL ALBUM) [HD]

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Posted 2 years ago
Category: Music
Description: Tracklist:1.Someone To Love 00:002.Night Of The Blade 03:403.Rock Me To The Limit 07:434.Warrior Of The Rising Sun 12:365.Unleash The Beast 18:006.Love Struck 22:317.Dead Of The Night 26:208.Lightning Strikes (Straight Through the Heart) 30:15Info:Band - Tokyo BladeAlbum - Night Of The BladeYear - 1984Genre - Heavy MetalCountry - U.KLabel - Roadrunner Records
Duration: 34 minutes and 48 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: December 01, 2014
Uploader: MetalandHard


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Asterope Being • 4 years ago
1. Powergame 2. Break the Chains 3. If Heaven Is Hell 4. On Through the Night 5. Killer City 6. Liar 7. Tonight 8. Sunrise in Tokyo 9. Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia EP Midnight Rendezvous 10.If Heaven Is Hell (Midnight Rendezvous EP version) 11.Highway Passion 12.Midnight Rendezvous 13.Mean Streak 14.Death On Main Streak
NoiseFilthFury • 8 years ago
Track 3 from the 1984 Lightning Strikes 7" EP.
Asterope Being • 2 years ago
Heavy Metal. SUPREME! Heavy Riffs. Heavy Lyrics. HEAVY FEELING! MALICE ROCKS. FOREVER! We made it clear that no band of the 80's who saw the Judas Priest in action has no influence of those guys. Heavy Metal is made of good and bad influences. Judas Priest is a fucking good influence! Side A "Sinister Double" (00:00 - 04:36) "License to Kill" (04:39 - 08:35) "Against the Empire" (08:37 - 13:03) "Vigilante" (13:05 - 18:09) Side B "Chain Gang Woman" (18:14 - 22:26) "Christine" (22:28 - 27:07) "Murder" (27:09 - 31:31) "Breathin' Down Your Neck" (31:31 - 35:29) "Circle of Fire" (35:31 - 39:20) January 12th, 1987 - Atlantic Records. Just a Fan TRIBUTE to a great band
electriceyemmm25 • 8 years ago
tokio blade song if heaven is hell great song
pegazuswarrior • 2 years ago
Virtue - We Stand to Fight Full Album Remastered edition including We Stand to Fight 7" single and Fools Gold demo. 1. We Stand to Fight 2. High Treason 3. Fool's Gold 4. Hideaway 5. Seek and Destroy LINE UP: Darren Prothero Bass Simon Walters Drums Boz Beast Guitars Matt Sheldon Guitars Tudor Sheldon Vocals
Iván Poposota • 7 years ago
Night, down on the streets, nothing seems real Shadows playing games on your mind Victims all around, the fear here is real Never knowing what you will find KILLER, prowling the night KILLER, can this be right? Chorus Night of the blade There's no escape Night of the blade Run for your life Run, something is near, the plan is attack Jack the knife has called out your name Scream if you can, no one will hear People say he's going insane SINNER, prowling the night SINNER, can this be right? Chorus Guitar Solo Run, run, run, night of the blade Run, run, run, night of the blade
MetalandHard • 2 years ago
Tracklist: 1.Prologue 00:00 2.Necropolis 01:35 3.Flaming Metal System 04:46 4.Crystal Logic 10:30 5.Feeling Free Again 16:30 6.The Riddle Master 19:15 7.The Ram 24:00 8.The Veils Of Negative Existence 27:47 9.Dreams Of Eschaton/Epilogue 32:20 Info: Year - 1983 Genre - Heavy Metal Country - U.S.A Label - Roadster Records
Daniel Rosellon • 3 years ago
All for One is the third full-length album by the British heavy metal band Raven, released in 1983. 01-Take Control 02-Mind Over Metal 03-Sledgehammer Rock 04-All For One 05-Run Silent, Run Deep 06-Hung, Drawn & Quartered 07-Break The Chain 08-Take It Away 09-Seek And Destroy 10-Athletic Rock
oldschool metal uploads • 1 year ago
Band: Tygers Of Pan Tang Album: Wild Cat Origin: Whitely Bay, United Kingdom Genre: NWOBHM Release: August 23rd, 1980 Label: MCA Records Lineup: Rocky: Bass Brian Dick: Drums Jess Cox: Vocals Robb Weir: Guitars Tracklist: 1. Euthanasia 2. Slave To Freedom 3. Don't Touch Me There 4. Money 5. Killers 6. Fireclown 7. Wild Catz 8. Suzie Smiled 9. Badger Badger 10. Insanity The first album from the NWOBHM legends, Tygers of Pan Tang all rights to Tygers of Pan Tang
Natalia E. H. • 1 year ago
Band: Witch Cross. Album: Fit For Fight. Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark. Genre: Heavy Metal. Tracklist: 00:00 - Nightflight To Tokyo. 04:21 - Face Of A Clown. 09:40 - Rocking The Night Away. 14:49 - Killer Dogs. 19:51 - Fight The Fire. 25:12 - Axe Dance. 28:32 - Light Of A Torch. 34:15 - Alien Savage. MORE INFO: http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Witch_Cross/Fit_for_Fight/19044.