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The Ultimate 1983 Rabbit GTI - part 145 (Shifter linkage tuning - success!)

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Posted 5 months ago
Category: Entertainment
Description: I had been struggling with poor shifter feel/engagement into 1st gear and so I set about disassembling the shift linkage in order to step-by-step find out where the problem area was. The transmission selector lever itself had a nice positive feel and clean engagement of each gear but I found that something in the linkage was resisting full movement into the 1/3/5 gear positions. It turned out that the rubber ball lever end wasn't moving smoothly and upon closer inspection I could see that the metal rod portion of the rubber ball lever was binding on the metal bracket that it is inserted into - and this was caused by the shifter rod being at the wrong angle as it entered the positioning bushing/bracket. So I pulled the shifter rod out of the car and bent it about 7 degrees about 8" back from the end and it was then perfectly parallel to the black mounting bracket assembly and positioned the metal bracket right in the middle of the rubber lever arm. I was worried that my 0.040" metal shim inside the metal bracket was causing binding with the rubber ball but once everything was aligned properly and greased up, the rubber ball rotated smoothly and didn't bind at all. With a 1/2" lengthening of the upper ball-joint arms to re-align with the new setup, everything was tested and then re-torqued into place. The result is 100% improved shifter feel and perfectly positive engagement in every gear. I am in shifter heaven now.You might want to check out the VW Vortex Thread on this project at: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread...You can also check out my web site on this project at: http://derekspratt.com/HTML/Automotiv...
Duration: 4 minutes and 48 seconds
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Definition: HD
Published: March 22, 2017
Uploader: Derek Spratt


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Derek Spratt • 5 months ago
I finished the fabrication of the seat mounts for the new Sparco EVO racing seats using the mounting flanges and legs from a junker set of OEM seats - they worked out very well - a little lower position than the stock seats and full adjustability of fore/aft position using the OEM mechanism and slope using some bolting options with the Sparco mounting flanges. Should be sweet! I don't have a tube bender so Ted at JetFab in Richmond, BC will be fabricating the bolt-in roll hoop which will use the stock seat belt mounting points to secure it to the body of the car. The hoop will have the cross-bar for the shoulder harness mounting points plus a central camera mount. When it is complete I will send the seats and hoop out for powder coating. I am also fabricating a rear shock tower cross-brace that also connects into the rear bumper mounts which will be needed as a mounting location for the nitrous and air tanks (the 4500psi air tank pressurizes the nitrous bottle to 925psi and holds it exactly at 925psi using a regulator rather than relying on a heater which doesn't keep the nitrous pressure constant while it discharges). I don't think the brace will actually have much effect on stiffening the chassis further as it is already welded up with a sub-frame, cross-bracing and will soon have the roll-bar ... I was complaining about the Walbro 393 fuel pump making a nasty noise so I talked with Kinsler Injection which supplied me the whole fuel injection system and most of the engine sensors, wiring harnesses, etc. and they said 'check your 25 micron intake and 10 micron output filters' so I did and found the intake filter completely plugged up with a nasty black sludge which looked like jello! The intake filter is a steel mesh so I cleaned it while I replaced the 10 micron paper filter and also replaced the pump as it had been damaged from the stress of pumping against such a massive restriction. The black sludge could simply be from old gas sitting in the tank for months at a time (if that is true it is actually from bacteria which is always present in fuel, more in ethanol enhanced fuels which also are hydroscopic and suck up water). There is also the possibility that my dumb attempts to seal-up my old fuel tank level sender with silicon sealant (since replaced with a new sender and o-ring) may have caused this as the silicon dissolved in the fuel. Anyway, I will keep an eye on this issue and service the fuel system filters more often. Next time I will do this when the tank is almost empty, rather than completely full! It would have been smart to have installed a fuel tank line valve too - I rely on hose-end plugs to service the fuel system. Finally, I have put 1100kms of mountain driving on the GTI so far with 700kms of that this last week alone - 3 days of driving to Whistler, with 25,000' of total vertical climbing. I switched out the Joe Gibbs break-in oil now for their 10-30W hotrod conventional oil which contains lots of ZDDP zinc to protect my solid lifter cams/tappets which are under extreme pressure from 8,000rpm and high lift racing cams and springs. I will switch again to their 20-50W oil when I get to the track in May. I may eventually switch to their synthetic oil with ZDDP added to it after 5,000kms. When decelerating from 5,000rpm the MAP signal drops to 17MPa which is the equivalent of 25" of mercury vacuum so the rings on the pistons have sealed nicely. You might want to check out the VW Vortex Thread on this project at: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread... You can also check out my web site on this project at: http://derekspratt.com/HTML/Automotiv...
Vdub Garage • 6 months ago
Another fix/assembly video of my MK1 Jetta! Adjust shift linkage, explained clutch cable free-play, and torqued the axle nuts!
dieselgeekdotcom • 4 years ago
This is a general VW shifter adjustment video detailing the finer points about the 5mm adjustment pins. The VW tool number for this pin is T10027A and we show alternatives such as a 5mm drill bit and our Sigma pin that comes free with every Dieselgeek Sigma Shifter: http://www.dieselgeek.com/VW_Shifter_Alignment_Pin_p/shift-5mmpin.htm
Jordain Brulotte • 1 year ago
How to install Shifter Linkage Bushings into your 1990 to 1996 Honda Acoord and 1992 - 1997 Honda Preludes from Cheddas Auto. $25 @ http://www.cheddasauto.com/apps/webstore/products/show/6697156 Kit comes with both shifter side and transmission side bushings. 4 per set including pins.
vw64manyrd • 1 year ago
Piecing together a modified 5 speed linkage to fit the turbo diesel application in the 1980 Rabbit Caddy Pickup. This is not a how to but a how I do. Take it for what its worth and enjoy. If I knew what I was doing I'd be better at it. Thanks for watching!
Kenny407 • 4 years ago
How to replace your shifter bushings on your MKIV Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI/R32, 1.8T, VR6, TDI, 2.0 Ok so alot of people are asking as to what the purpose is of replacing these bushings. Let me explain, so the original bushings are made out of rubber. Like any bushing made out of rubber it will start to wear out over time. By replacing them with aluminum bushings it will eliminate that slop that the rubber bushings have and give you a more direct feel when shifting
Frank Maggio • 1 year ago
rockhead261 • 5 years ago
'83 Rabbit GTI, 6-year old restoration. OEM O.G. goodness. Enjoy.
Vona Laszlo • 4 years ago
Shift linkage of my 16V, finally in mint condition, adjusted and perfectly working. I used this kit (or similar) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK2-GOLF-Gear-linkage-rebuild-kit-MK2-Golf-inc-Rods-Socket-Ball-/361478450951?hash item5429cb6f07:g:dH8AAOSwT6pV3awl
Derek Spratt • 2 years ago
As part of my final pre 'key on' engine ECU wiring I had to run the low voltage and high voltage wires next to each other for a short distance so I did a careful job of shielding them fully. I had been doing final software testing and fighting the engine ECU computer and sensors for the past several days but finally have it running now. Boy, it starts with authority and has a serious exhaust note to it (not really loud at all at idle but when the throttle opens it gets serious in a hurry). With the 288 race cams it will idle roughly at 900rpm but prefers to be closer to 1050rpm for smooth idle. I was expected worse ... seems that the ITBs saved the day. I had fabricated a hall effect sensor for the crank position 60-2 wheel from a late model Mercedes but it turned out to not like the tooth width/depth and would give the computer erratic timing info at anything past 200-300 cranking rpm. I had to go back to the ABA inductive sensor (analog output) that the Holley dominator ECU accepted. Once that was out of the way I got correct timing for the ignition/firing of all plugs, and all other sensors were operational. But then it would fire and immediately die after transitioning from the cranking parameters to the running parameters. Turns out that Holley means zero fuel enrichment when programmed for 100% - I had it set to 'zero' and that means 'kill the fuel injectors'. Go figure. Anyway, I have lots of programming left to do as the AFR learning is limited to modifying the parameters a fixed % beyond the base tables, not learning all of the fuel tables from scratch. My tables aren't close enough yet to allow the engine to run beyond 2000 rpm without leaning out so I will be at it again tomorrow sorting out the tables. It starts nicely now, builds lots of oil pressure, the cooling system programming all seems to work nicely (the electric water pump speeds up and slows down as required, the cooling fans speed up and slow down as well, etc - all really trick/nice to see).  Boy a new engine smells a lot when it first heats up! I used the brakes and put the trans into 2nd gear and got up to about 40-50% throttle on it up to a little under 5,000rpm to help quickly seat the piston rings and auto-learn the base fuel tables. All went well and now I am going to take a much needed break from the project for a few weeks and go on a family holiday and will then head into the fall with the idea of completing the car and getting it licensed and on the road ... You might want to check out the VW Vortex Thread on this project at: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?5936526-Building-the-Ultimate-1983-Rabbit-GTI-%28vw-mk1%29?5936526-Building-the-Ultimate-1983-Rabbit-GTI-%28vw-mk1%29 You can also check out my web site on this project at: http://derekspratt.com/HTML/Automotive/1983_Rabbit_GTI_2_Overview_Goals_Specs.html