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TBB | The Double Chance & Draw No Bet | Sports Betting Tutorial

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Posted 2 years ago
Football, sports, betting, sports betting, odds, gambling, double chance, draw no bet, understanding betting, learn betting, betting tutorial
Category: Sports
Description: The Win Draw Win is the main market in most sports. The Double Chance & Draw No Bet are derivatives of this and give the bettor more chance or options to win!
Duration: 2 minutes and 4 seconds
Rating: 8/10 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: March 23, 2015


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Sports betting • 1 year ago
Double chances betting at Interwetten: http://www.wettscheine.net/en/interwetten-yt The double chance as a strategy actually contradicts the fundamentals of sports betting. It is set to small quotas and, moreover, only in the form of combination bets. Still you can make constant gains if you do it the right way. So why use the double chance? Now and then the top favorites walk on to the pitch aiming for a draw instead of playing to ultimately win. Straight away even many top teams settle for a draw. Even more clearly the fact occurs, for example in the first games of the Champions League or European League nowadays.
Gambling Sports • 2 years ago
This formula will always give you a part of your money back, even if you predicted all of your games wrong ?! Look how I developed this unique way of sports betting ! Your game will never be the same again ! Check my channel for more football betting tips & tricks : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRI... Please check out my other video's too: Golden tip for sports betting : correct scores - ice hockey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v pykErXsiKBQ 7 ways to bet on a football game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v -MtCsgdeEVw 5 ways to bet on a handball game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v SQDuzh75kxs 5 ways to bet on an ice hockey game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v ugIQHVPePvw Darts tutorial - training exercises for beginners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v HgGhAA-Uv_o How to win with slotmachines ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v vsABkeBah0I football betting football betting strategy football betting tips football betting systems football betting tricks football betting odds explained football betting predictions football betting tips high success rate football betting explained football betting advert how to bet on football and win best way to bet on football how to bet on football online football odds read football odds right soccer betting soccer betting strategy soccer betting tips soccer betting system soccer betting secrets football betting secrets soccer betting tricks soccer betting predictions soccer betting software soccer betting tips and predictions football betting tips and predictions soccer betting tips and tricks football betting tips and tricks soccer betting odds football betting odds soccer betting documentary football betting documentary
CasinoTop10 • 2 years ago
Play at the best Casinos with the best bonuses here! http://www.casinotop10.net/top-bonus-casinos?pk_campaign Fibonacci Fibonacci Betting System Explained Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who lived 800 years ago, chances are you’ve never heard or cared about him - but if you’re a gambler, you really should! That’s because his most famous work, the Fibonacci sequence was adapted to become a very clever gambling system. Just like all betting systems, Fibonacci won’t help you beat the casino in the long run, but it can give you a way better chance of booking a small win in the short term. What is the Fibonacci Sequence? In the Fibonacci Sequence, every new number equals the sum of the previous two numbers – start the sequence with two ones and it’s easy to start adding numbers – 1 + 1 2, 2 + 1 3, 3 + 2 5, 5 + 3 8 and so on. How to use the Fibonacci Sequence to bet To use the sequence as a betting guide, first find an even money bet – that’s when you have roughly 50% chance of winning and the house will double your money if you do; we’re talking about bets like red or black in roulette, the pass line in craps, or betting the banker in baccarat. Now, figure out how much you’re willing to bet – let’s say you’re playing craps and the minimum bet on the pass line is $5, when you’re betting, the numbers in the Fibonacci system represent betting units, in this case, the $5 minimum bet. Follow the Sequence Start at the beginning of the sequence and every time you lose a bet, move one number to the right. Whenever you win a bet, start again at the beginning of a sequence. So, using $5 betting units, your first wager will be $5 and if you lose, bet another $5, if you lose that, bet two units which is $10 and if you lose that, move on to the next number and bet three units which is $15. The genius of this system is that chances are you’re going to win a bet before too long and make up all the money you’ve lost. Just like all negative progression systems though, things can get pretty scary after a long run of losing bets since you have to wager a huge amount of money just to get even. If you lost 8 bets in a row using $5 betting units for example, you’d have to risk $170 on the next roll. The best thing to do is just remember to start small because if you do go on a bad run, the Fibonacci Sequence gets serious in a hurry. Visit casiontop10.net for more free casino strategy
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This video presents three alternative ways of betting combinations based on the market Double Chance (Home or Draw). The ways are based on combinations of Home, Draw and correct scores with aim to improve the profits or to secure a zero loss at some scores.
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THESE ARE THE TOP GAMES PREDICTIONS SITES THIS YEAR, THE CALCULATIONS ARE MATHEMATICALLY PRODUCED FROM VARIOUS MATHEMATICAL CALCULATIONS. Get more insight here https://goo.gl/ND9zeW Best Betting Software Working 100% USE THE SITES WISELY FOR MAXIMUM PAYOUT ON YOUR BETS. betting prediction apps betting prediction application best betting prediction apps football betting prediction app betting prediction app best betting prediction app sports betting prediction app HERE ARE THE LINKS 1. http://www.statarea.com/predictions 2.http://www.windrawwin.com/predictions/today/ 3.http://www.predictz.com/predictions/ 4.http://www.zulubet.com/ 5.http://www.forebet.com/ betting prediction betting prediction 4d betting prediction cs go betting prediction football betting prediction kit betting prediction program betting prediction programs betting prediction quiz betting prediction reddit betting prediction tips betting prediction websites csgo betting prediction soccer betting predictions
Gagner Aux Paris Sportifs • 6 months ago
DRAW NO BET : Calculer les mises en 30 secondes ! Téléchargez ici le pack de bienvenue : https://www.gagnerauxparissportifs.com/cadeaux-de-bienvenue-you-tube FORMATIONS : Marre de perdre de l’argent aux paris sportifs : https://www.gagnerauxparissportifs.com/formation-gestion-pp La méthode pour sélectionner les bons matchs et faire des paris gagnants : https://www.gagnerauxparissportifs.com/la-methode-pour-selectionner-les-bons-matchs-pour-faire-des-paris-gagnants Accéder aux meilleurs bookmakers du monde depuis la France dès aujourd'hui : https://www.gagnerauxparissportifs.com/comment-parier-chez-les-meilleurs-bookmakers-du-monde DRAW NO BET : Calculer les mises en 30 secondes ! Fabriquer soi même ses draw no bet permet d'augmenter la cote du pari de 20 à 30%. Voici comment calculer la répartition des mises en 30 secondes chrono ME SUIVRE : Site Web : https://www.gagnerauxparissportifs.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gagnerauxparissportifscom/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TDavid_GAPS Chaine YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPMqyT3sJq7qZ3hYrhzHvuQ DRAW NO BET : Calculer les mises en 30 secondes ! : https://youtu.be/uGLsNPK7bmk
Oddsfathers Tipsters • 1 year ago
This is a demonstrative video about how YOU can turn £10-£1000 in just a short period. The breakdown of challenge betting: We like to bet with odds of between 0.5, however, if you're confident on selections then by all means up the odds between 0.5 and evens. The markets which we prefer and have successfully completed the challenge with are as follows: No clean sheets, over goals, win or draw and to win either half. You might ask whether or not it's worth it using markets such as betting on a team to win, corners, unders etc. However this method is far less sustainable than our approach. Now you might ask: "how often should I challenge bet?" Or "Should I do it more than once a day?" And the answer to this is that it depends on the fixtures. There's a much higher volume of fixtures on weekends than on days like Mondays and Friday's. We tend to target at least 6 challenge bet wins per week. Starting at a stake of £10 and following odds of 0.5/1, this should take you to roughly £120, and then you're only 5 challenge bets away from £1000. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started: Our favourite over goal leagues: Jupiler league, Aussie A-League, English leagues (although the championship is very unpredictable), MLS, Asian leagues and South American leagues. When betting win or draw, we've found that the best odds are by far in the championship. It's also very easy to predict South American football, we advise you to make the majority of your bets in this league. If you need any help/tips/advice, we will be more than happy to check your bets. All of our team thoroughly researches each bet. Contact us on Twitter: @Oddsfatherstips Via Gmail: [email protected] Our website will also be launching very soon, stay tuned.
Big Time Sharps • 3 years ago
Our analytical staff includes former front office employees of NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL teams, former NCAA Division I athletes in addition to respected members of the sports media who have covered all of the major sports up close and personal having daily access to the behind the scenes workings of professional sports teams. Our proprietary mathematical algorithm is headed by a Math Professor at a prestigious American educational institution. His department consists of a staff dedicated to continuing to enhance the methodology and advanced testing in order to create the highest probability of winning across the board.
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Margins play a very important role in betting as they represent the amount of commission bookmakers take from the actual true price. I will explain how they work in a very simple manner which will help you get the best odds for your money!
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Double Chance Betting on Football