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Sufi Music (Sukun)

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Posted 8 years ago
Category: Music
Description: Sufi Music Relaxion Mevlana Gurdjieff
Duration: 8 minutes and 50 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: October 20, 2008
Uploader: tiversonus01


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Engin Sulkoski • 6 years ago
Zikr - ( Call of a Sufi ) - Call of The Heart
tr1988tr • 5 years ago
Zikir ve Sela sesleriyle kendinizden gecin insaallah...
kalanlar • 6 years ago
Throughout history our ensemble has examined the ceremonies carried out by Sufi's, with the desire to become closer to the Creator and to unite with the Creator, while espousing the goal of bringing to light a compilation of the common entities among various Sufi rituals while remaining loyal to their orginal form and essence, and presenting them to the service of humanity. Subsequent to research and work conducted throughout many years, in 2007 the "Traditional Sufi Ceremonies Ensemble" was officially established and commenced its performances on stage. Within this endeavor, we have compiled and adapted for the stage the most widely recognized and enriching Sufi rituals into a single ceremony which is presented today as the Sufidevran. In addition to the academic research conducted, the artists which comprise our ensemble and perform in this unprecedented collaboration, are also individuals who are performers of unsurpassed skill in their own respective fields. Our aim is to present to humanity the historical and traditional Sufi ceremonies which are on the verge of being forgotten, and in addition, to promote the beliefs behind these rituals. Our ensemble has remained faithful to spirit the original Sufi ceremonies and displays the utmost diligence in this performance, whether with respect to the music or the costumes, ensuring sustainment of aesthetic appeal at the highest level. Today, regardless of the language, religion or race of our audiences throughout the world, we see that our audiences accompany our performances with the deepest of emotions. Our ensemble will always continue to meticulously carry out its performances. With best wishes for all of our endeavors conducted in the tradition of oneness, unity and tolerance to benefit humanity... You can visit our web site for details of our stage performance. sufidevran.com
Gassal • 2 years ago
Neshama Ify • 6 years ago
"Il Sufi a volte danza, ma, mentre danza, al centro rimane assolutamente immobile -- il centro del ciclone. La danza è il ciclone, tutto il suo corpo è in movimento, è fluido, dinamico, ma al centro la coscienza osserva in silenzio, indisturbata e senza distrazioni. Esteriormente si può solo imparare l'esercizio. Esteriormente non si conoscerà mai quello che accade dentro al danzatore. E la vera storia è tutta interiore." Osho, The Perfect Master, Vol.2
hakkı dilek • 3 years ago
Zikr, Neyzen üstatlarından Kudsi Ergüner ve Süleyman Ergüner ustalarımızın eseridir.
TSKSINAN • 8 years ago
GEL GÖR BENİ AŞK NEYLEDİ Ben yürürüm yana yana Aşk boyadı beni kana Ne âkilem ne divane Gel gör beni aşk neyledi Gâh eserim yeller gibi Gâh tozarım yollar gibi Gâh akarım seller gibi Gel gör beni aşk neyledi Akar suların çağlarım Dertli ciğerim dağlarım Şeyhim anuban ağlarım Gel gör beni aşk neyledi Ya elim al kaldır beni Ya vaslına erdir beni Çok ağlattın güldür beni Gel gör beni aşk neyledi Ben yürürüm ilden ile Şeyh anarım dilden dile Gurbette halim kim bile Gel gör beni aşk neyledi Mecnun oluban yürürüm Ol yâri düşte görürüm Uyanıp melûl olurum Gel gör beni aşk neyledi Miskin Yunus biçareyim Baştan ayağa yareyim Dost elinde avareyim Gel gör beni aşk neyledi YUNUS EMRE
Gulzar • 1 year ago
A tribute to Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, Munshi Raziudin Qawwal & Giti sings Rumi’s one of best poems. (Har Lehza Ba shakle Bute Ayyar ) "SUBSCRIBE" My Channel For More Videos: www.youtube.com/gulzar5h Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/gulzar5h English Transcript of Farsi Qawwali -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maulana Jelaluddin Rumi Beautiful murmuring idol came at my door; Entirely astonishing, for all the gorgeous. Every Moment, He arrives in a beautiful sculpture; conquer heart & disappears. Every Moment, that beloved appears in new dress; Sometimes became young, sometimes old. He is the vessel, he is its maker, and he is the clay used to make it; He is the reveler quaffing drinking from it. He too is the one who buys it; breaks it, and left away. Once became Noah & made a world drowned by his prayer; He himself went to the ship. Once he became Abraham and went through the fire; The fire was transformed to a garden because of him. He became Joseph and sent his coat from Egypt; Which illuminated the world. Came out like light from Jacob’s eyes; Then eyes got perfect vision. For some time he was wandering on the earth; For enjoyment. He became Jesus and went to the rotary dome (the sky); Was praying with rosary. No! No! He was Himself! Coming and going; Every century, what you have seen. At end He arrives as an Arab (PBUP) And Became the sovereign of universe. No! No! He was Himself too, who said (Ana Al-Haq) “I’m The Truth” As Mansur al-Hallaj Indeed, He was not Mansur al-Hallaj, who was hanged on wood; Only ignorant think so. Rumi did not deny the truth, nor he do; He is not disbeliever. Disbeliever was he, who denied the truth (Satan); & become accursed. Rumi's Complete Poem In Persian (Farsi): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- هر لحظه به شکل بت عیار بر آمد دل بُرد و نهان شد هر دم به لباس دگر آن یار بر آمد گه پیر و جوان شد خود کوزہ و خود کوزہ گر و خود گلِ کوزہ, خود رندِ سبو کش خود بر سرِ آں کوزہ خریدار برآمد, بشکست رواں شد گاهی بدل طینت صلصال فرو رفت غواص معانی گاهی ز تگِ کهگل فخار بر آمد زان پس بجنان شد منسوخ چه باشد چه تناسخ بحقیقت آن دلبر زیبا شمشیر شد و از کف کراّر بر آمد قتاّل زمان شد می گشت دمی چند برین روی زمین او از بهر تفرج عیسی شد و بر گنبد دواّر بر آمد تسبیح کنان شد گه نوح شد و کرد جهانی بدعا غرق خود رفت به کشتی گه گشت خلیل و ز دل نار بر آمد آتش گُل از آن شد یوسف شد و از مصر فرستاد قمیصی روشن کن عالم از دیده یعقوب چو انوار بر آمد تا دیده عیان شد آن عقل که فاضل شد و کامل شد و عاقل ناگاه چو پیری چون مست شده بر سر کهسار بر آمد برتر ز جوان شد ایوب شد و صبر همی کرد ز کرمان خود درد و دوا شد از خانه دل نهره زنهار بر آمد جسمش همه جان شد یونس شد و در بطن سمک بود بدریا از بهر طهارت حقا که هم او بود کاندر ید بیضا میکرد شبانی در چوب شد و بر صفت مار بر آمد زان فخر کیان شد موسی شد و خواهنده دیدار بر آمد بر طور روان شد عیسی شد و در مهد همی داد گواهی آن روح مقدس از معجز او نخل پر از بار بر آمد زان روح روان شد مسجود ملائک شد و لشکر کشِ ارواح آن روح مقدس شیطان ز حسد بر سر انکار بر آمد مردود زمان شد بالله که هم او بود که می آمد و می رفت هر قرن که دیدی تا عاقبت آن شکل عرب وار بر آمد دارای جهان شد حقا که هم او بود که می گفت اناالحق در صوت الهی منصور نبود او که بر آن دار بر آمد نادان بگمان شد این هم نه نهانست ببین گر تو بصیری از دیده باطن این است کزو این همه گفتار بر آمد در دیده عیان شد رومی سخن کفر نه گفت است نه گوید منکر مشویدش کافر شده آن کس که به انکار بر آمد از دوزخیان شد تبریز هم او بود هم او شمس معانی در گلشن انوار او بود که در جوشش اسرار بر آمد در عشق نشان شد شاعر : مولانا جلال الدین رومی Poetry : Mewlana Jalaludin Rumi Singers: Munshi Raziuddin, Farid Ayyaz Qawwal (Pakistan), Giti Pashaei (Iran) Extended Translation & Visuals : Gulzar
Frostype • 5 years ago
Sufi Whirling Meditation Music
Narjis Movie Masala • 2 years ago
This is one of the world renowned number from Sufi collections. This song is in the honor of Sufi mystic 'Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar',Sung By Well Known SufiSinger "Sanam Marvi" Every word has a meaning - "O laal meri pat rakhio bala jhoole laalan, Sindri da Sehvan da, sakhi Shabaaz kalandar, Dama dam mast kalandar........" Always render your merciful blessings to my life, and be with me at every moment. Oh you resider of Sindh and sewan, you reside in every human being.( as the supreme master of his soul). For More Entertainments Click to Susbscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChT6cMwR6HBsHMLkKaTzoOg