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Stora Enso

· N/A · 49.5 thousand
Posted 8 years ago
Description: Opdracht ArteveldehogeschoolProductiefilm Stora Enso Langerbrugge
Duration: 6 minutes and 41 seconds
Rating: Unavailable
Definition: SD
Published: July 31, 2009
Uploader: dSignedTube


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alestream1 • 5 years ago
Место моей работы
Sappi Tube • 5 years ago
Sappi is a global company focused on providing chemical cellulose, paper-pulp and paper based solutions to its direct and indirect customer base across more than 100 countries. In fact, we are the world's leading producer of high quality coated fine paper. Discover, how our paper is produced! http://www.na.sappi.com/education/lifecycle
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Maszyna Papiernicza w Grudziadzu
Larry Lynch • 8 years ago
Ex -stripper Freddy Taylor and other talk candidly only 3 weeks before the paper mill in Mirmaichi New Brunswick closed for good. UPM sucks - you heard it here first.
Recycle4CastlePoint • 7 years ago
A video showing how paper is recycled and turned into news print.
oparoozy • 4 years ago
Another News Print Paper Machine shuts down. Kawerau is a town in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand. The town is situated 100 km south-east of Tauranga and 58 km east of Rotorua. Kawerau is one of the youngest towns in New Zealand. It was founded in 1953 as a mill town for the new Tasman pulp and paper mill. The site for the mill was chosen because of the ready availability of geothermal energy, water from the Tarawera River and the large supply of pine timber from the nearby Kaingaroa forest. But with modern Technology ie Computers and cell phone people have started to stop buying News papers. There is Still one Machine left running. But for how long ???? Video filmed by NST Employees ....Frans Roozendaal and Steve Monk
MultiCopyPaper1 • 5 years ago
Paper making - from forest to finished sheets of paper. See the entire production. Papperstillverkning - från skog till färdiga ark. Se hela produktionskedjan.
IENOENZO • 8 years ago