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Posted 3 years ago
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Category: Sports
Description: Hi everyone. In this episode im back out on one of my farms where i control the rabbit population every year for the farmer as the rabbits are undermining all the hedgerows. And as you can see it looks like its going to be a productive seasons shooting once again. so sit back and enjoy. Cheers and happy hunting to you kind regards sean
Duration: 11 minutes and 33 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: May 04, 2014
Uploader: horne250


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horne250 • 4 years ago
This is another short video of me out hunting rabbits for the table using the theoben rapid mk2 fac set at 30ftlb. And i did manage to get a few rabbits. And one of the rabbits was at a distance way beyond normal air rifle distances. But i have practiced at long ranes that distance and my rifle has plenty of power to kill humanely at that range as you will see. so sit backn and enjoy. Happy hunting kind regards sean.
GeordieHuntersTV • 4 years ago
In this video you see GeordiehuntersTV on the golf course again trying to keep the greenkeepers happy targeting the rabbit population using the HW100 .177 and Daystate Huntsman Classic .177 and NS200 night vision system.
Ted's HoldOver • 4 years ago
http://tedsholdover.com/ This is not a video showing how to clean a rabbit. It is a video showing how NOT to waste good meat.
Fieldsports Channel • 6 years ago
George Digweed tries out the new Idleback pigeonshooting chair on a day in Sussex. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 70
All Entertainment • 4 months ago
Hi! This Is Video I Want To Show You About Amazing Girl Uses PVC Pipe Compound BowFishing To Shoot Huge Fish -Khmer Fishing At Siem Reap Cambodia. If You Like This Video And Want To Get More Videos With Me! Please Subscribe My Channel Here: (http://goo.gl/FYM9Iv) Please Follow Me On: - Google Plus : (https://goo.gl/skaxzR) - Facebook : (https://goo.gl/jLSXYX) - Web : (https://goo.gl/E845S9) Thank! You So Much For Watching My Videos.
horne250 • 4 years ago
This is the 3rd video of my three part series where im back at the farm trying to take out some more magpies that are causing problems and stealing the grain and meal feeds set out for the cattle. Hope you all enjoy my latest upload. so sit back and enjoy best regards sean
Baldric990 • 4 years ago
Rabbit Cull Rifle: Hatsan M125 .177cal Sometimes it is required that animals be culled. In this situation a large number of rabbits had taken up residence under a house. Rabbits are prolific breeders and the rabbit population had become excessive. With more than 40 rabbits living under the house and digging holes the structural integrity of the house could be compromised. Also with summer weather warming up the smell of rabbit droppings and urine will become a problem. In this situation a cull was the only option. Poisoning the rabbits is not an option as you do not want 40 dead rabbits under your house as the smell of rotting rabbits would be over powering. Shooting them in the only viable option.
horne250 • 3 years ago
Hi everyone. Its that time of year again where christmas is just around the corner so i decided to make you all a squirrel hunting video to enjoy during the holidays. Hope you all enjoy and i wish you all a happy christmas and happy new year and i look forward to see you all in the new year. be safe and happy hunting kind regards sean
Fieldsports Channel • 6 years ago
Twenty-times world champion George Digweed has set a new world record for shooting a clay pigeon. In front of the cameras from Fieldsports Channel, and using standard cartridges, he shot one at 130 yards. George pulled off the incredible shot at the Bisley Live shooting show. The record rounds off an incredible year for George, he has won 19 World titles (11 Sporting and 8 Fitasc), 11 European Fitasc title, 2 European Compak titles and 9 World Cups. He was awarded an MBE in 2009. This film first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 97. Sign up for our weekly email newsletter http://bit.ly/weeklyemail For more about George, visit http://www.georgedigweed.com
freedomofabird • 6 years ago
A few hours in Northern England with the ferrets. Rabbits are a serious agricultural nuisance in the U.K. That have to be controlled by law. This is an interesting article on the history of ferrets and ferreting. http://weaselwords.com/ferret-articles/history-of-the-ferret/