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Solar Power, 10 kW Ground Mount

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Posted 7 years ago
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Category: Education
Description: Learn more at http://www.thesolarvillage.com . Renewable energy in Ontario makes a lot of sense for rural land owners. See how to start getting paid by generating electricity with solar photovoltaic panels in Ontario on the Green Energy Acts MicroFIT program.Cost of solar has decreased substantially over the last couple years, it is now less than retail in Germany...http://www.thesolarvillage.com/index.cfm?&appNews&news487 .
Duration: 4 minutes and 26 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: June 24, 2010
Uploader: John Wilson


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ExtendEnergy • 8 years ago
These pictures are of an installation of a 20 Kw Solar Photovoltaic PV Array (Electricity) . This Solar Photovoltaic PV Array was designed and installed by Extend Energy, LLC of Greensboro, NC. Please visit our website at www.ExtendEnergy.com to see how we can help your business lessen it 's carbon footprint and lower energy cost. Extend Energy...Renewable Energy Made Easy.
LDSreliance • 8 months ago
People make these 7 mistakes over and over again when they decide to buy their first solar panel system. ****I know refrigerators do not run continuously all day every day. But they DO run any time day or night. That necessitates a battery for energy storage and an inverter powerful enough to handle high current, neither of which are included in any retail solar kit.**** In this video, we'll discuss how to avoid these 7 deadly sins of solar. Whether that is a 10W starter kit system or a full blown whole house grid tied system, these all pretty much apply across the board. Make sure you don't fall into these or you will waste a bunch of money. Looking for your first solar panel system? https://kit.com/LDSreliance To help support me and my channel and to get special perks and prizes, please consider donating to my Patreon campaign at: https://www.patreon.com/LDSreliance
mptecgmbh • 5 years ago
How to erect a solar power plant: 5 MW green field PV installation in Eberswalde, Brandenburg built in 2011 A five megawatt solar installation at the Technology and Business Park was connected to the grid on July 12, 2011, within a short distance of Eberswalde, Germany, based solar system company Mp-tec GmbH & Co.KG. Mp-tec was not only involved in the project planning, but also responsible for the solar power plant's substructure for which its in-house developed Quick-line assembly system was used. Installed for the first time, the new single-foot assembly system allows for a quicker mounting of modules than conventional systems, resulting in less than three months from the start of the construction until the connection to the grid. The modular designed system will also be used in future ground-mounted solar plants and is module agnostic. Up to three rows of framed modules can be assembled horizontally, while five rows are possible with laminated modules. The 36,720 thin-film modules from Solar Frontier, a 100 percent subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K., which have been manufactured in the 900MW Kunitomi plant in the south of Japan, are especially environmentally friendly due to the absence of lead and cadmium. The completion of the solar power plant represents the first connection to the grid of an installation with Solar Frontier modules in Brandenburg. "This power plant is an additional important step towards developing our project business segment and achieving bankability for the Solar Frontier products in collaboration with Mp-tec and financing by the DZ Bank. We will increase our efforts in the future in order to further expand our project pipeline together with EPCs", said Wolfgang Lange, CEO of Solar Frontier Europe. The 17-hectare installation will produce 969 kWh per kWp according to the yield report and therefore generate energy for up to 1,500 two-person households. Moreover, it will save up to 3,900 tons of CO2 emissions per year. Michael Preißel, Mp-tec's CEO, said regarding the successful connection to the grid: "This project is of particular importance to us. On the one hand, we were able to prove our know-how with regard to assembly solutions and project development yet again, on the other hand the connection to the grid contributes to the realization of county Barnim's motto: 'the future is renewable'." You are interested in our services? Please Contact: [email protected] or www.mp-tec.com
Westcoast Solar Energy • 6 years ago
Nate Gulbransen of Westcoast Solar Energy in Sonoma County, CA demonstarates the proper tools and techniques to clean a rooftop Solar Array.
euronews Knowledge • 3 years ago
Though the use of solar panels is on the rise, it still only represents 1.5 percent of total energy consumption in Europe. There are many reasons for this, starting with the intermittent nature of solar energy due to bad weather, the difficulty of storing it, and the cost of solar panels. Researchers at the Institute for Microtechnology in Neuchatel, Switzerland are working on ways to make solar energy more cost-effective. This includes using less expensive metals such as copper, as well as new technology to better absorb sunlight. euronews knowledge brings you a fresh mix of the world's most interesting know-hows, directly from space and sci-tech experts. Subscribe for your dose of space and sci-tech: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user euronewsknowledge Made by euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe.
LDSreliance • 1 year ago
Forget the salesman or the confusing websites, this video will show you what a solar panel system REALLY costs. From the most basic starter kit to a whole home solution, this video goes over the real world costs in 2016 for solar panel systems. This video only covers off grid systems so if you are considering a grid tied system you will need to consider other costs such as professional installation, grid tie inverter(s), and inspections/fees to your utility company. Buying your first solar panel system? Buy here: https://kit.com/LDSreliance Want to support my channel and help me make more great videos? Donate here: https://www.patreon.com/LDSreliance battery expensive how much
7 TRUMPETS PREPPER • 4 months ago
In this video is a tour of 3 separate ground mount arrays installed by us for the customer for a cumulative power output of 12.7KW of solar. If you would like to go off grid visit us at https://www.offgridcontracting.com Make sure to visit http://www.soundingtheloudcry.com/ to find out more about the 7 Trumpets of Revelation, The Creators Calendar and much more. Off Grid living is what you desire and independence? Then contact us at http://www.offgridcontracting.com/ and we can help make your dreams a reality. For all your preparedness needs visit CampingSurvival.com Epic Survival and Tactical gear delivered to your door step monthly http://www.battlbox.com/ Looking for Alternative Energy for your prepping needs? Offering solutions for applications in Solar, Wind and more visit: http://hurricanewindpower.com/ Want to grow your own food with a Geodesic greenhouse dome?Then visit http://ziptiedomes.com/ for an affordable solution specializing in greenhouses, chicken tractors and more. Apocabox! Hand selected survival tools http://www.myapocabox.com The subscription box for homesteaders https://www.thehomesteadbox.com/ INTRO THUNDER BY:Mark DiAngelo INTRO/OUTRO SOUNDS AND MUSIC PROVIDED BY:POND5.COM
leamyelectricinc1 • 6 years ago
Leamy Electric installs an 11kw fixed ground mount solar system. This is what i do for living. I am electrician who installs systems to make free power for my customers. Look at all my vids and you will see all my systems make free energy. I am the real deal. Two things to notice in the video. Very neat work and a working system producing free energy, anything less would be unexceptable. www.leamyelectricinc.com
mingosuzuki • 9 years ago
This video is showing that 3.5m/s to 5m/s wind speed can turn your meter backwards!!! So its feeding back to the grid so my local neighbours can use it too. I can't imagine how much faster the meter will spin at 9 or 10m/s
keith bennett • 3 years ago
How to build a ground mount for your solar panels. My four requirements... -Tiltable. In new hampshire we are 70 degrees from vertical in the summer and 24 degrees in the winter. That is a huge swing! -mostly made from home depot materials. The cross members are not but I'm pretty sure that superstrut could be used in its place. -mount hardware is under panel to protect from elements -cheap (the whole setup less than $276) not including panels etc. The cross members were purchased on craigslist but are available from renogy-store.com. My panels measure 39.5" x 66" and are 245 watt panels. I had to take about 1/2 dozen trips to home depot to figure this out. It ends up that I didn't use the 1/2" hole that is 24 " from the end of the pipe. A drill press probably will work just as well as the bridgeport mill for drilling the holes Make sure that you get the 2" galvanized schedule 40 pipe and NOT the 2" galvanized conduit. The conduit has a thinner wall and will be less stable. Superstrut is awesome. I have never used it before but if anyone watches this video I will document making many more creations out of this material. Please ask questions! I want to help.