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Six important times of the day to trade forex

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Posted 8 years ago
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Category: Education
Description: http://www.forexmentor.com/Ever wonder where the money is in the forex? Are you often left scratching your head trying to figure out how youre going to carve out your daily ration of 20 pips? Are you worried about having to sit at your computer all day long waiting for good trades to set up? Well, turn your brain off, because in this video clip Im going to show you those six times of the day when you need to be at your PC. The rest of the time you can go golfing, fishing, or whatever else cranks your wheel, because the rest of the time the forex is not doing much of anything. So, why stare at your screen endlessly trying to force a trade that invariably goes haywire? Dont wait a minute longer. View the clip now, and start making money today. No fluff, no false promises just the stuff that works. Thats what our members have grown to expect from all the time, not just some of the time. See you at the bank, and at the top.
Duration: 5 minutes and 41 seconds
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Published: December 30, 2008


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