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Sex Machineguns Teken ll (sub español)

· 4 · 71.9 thousand
Posted 5 years ago
sexmachineguns, j-rock
Category: Music
Duration: 5 minutes and 5 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: June 10, 2012
Uploader: saya sakurai


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TitiPocheT • 11 years ago
Extract from the dvd SM Show Finale recorded in 2003 lineup:Anchang,Noisy,Panther,Himawari,support member
deadhorse99 • 8 years ago
mushroom0metalhead • 4 years ago
SEX冠 Tour 2012 Mikan no Uta Song of mikan
dexen1989 • 6 years ago
SM Show Finale
Gonzalo Garcia • 4 years ago
Por que todos nos merecemos tener este tipo de videos en excelente calidad! @Todos los derechos se reservan a quien corresponda.
manami honjyo • 3 years ago
hellman03 • 5 years ago
SMG Alive! Live in Akasaka, Tokyo 20th Anniversary
AsChKuRoK • 8 years ago
SexMachinegun • 11 years ago
Anchang is so cool.. Circuit V Panther´s solo i super :)
Rockmanxpr • 9 years ago
Here is a special treat, i got this DVD in Taiwan and SMG never released it as a DVD so rejoice! Sorry there are some skips due to my rip but I hope you can enjoy it! This is just about the original lineup of the group right when they hit it big. Anchang-Guitar/vocal, Sussy-guitar, Noisy-bass, and Speed Star Sypan Joe-drums.