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Remember when cartoons were AWESOME?

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Posted 8 years ago
Dial, For, Monkey, Parody, Barbequor, Galactus, Drunk, Awesome
Category: Comedy
Description: Over 100,000 views? Wow, that's impressive.Banned Dial M For Monkey segment from Dexters Lab.On Monkey's birthday, Earth is attacked by The Silver Spooner, herald of the dreaded Barbequor! Can Monkey defeat this primal force of nature?It was banned due to some controversy due to the Silver Spooner being a blatant stereotype of a homosexual man (his love of Judy Garland being the clincher). Also, the Krunk got drunk (slurring, professing his (bro) love for Monkey, vomiting, needing to be driven home).Goddamn, the sequence where Barbequor prepares his barbeque is probably the most awesome sequence in history.
Duration: 6 minutes and 23 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: April 11, 2009
Uploader: Doeney


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SimonYa • 7 years ago
Strange... good shows have banned episodes and the really bad ones don't have banned episodes... Well Cow & Chicken was a bad show, but it is a million times better than some shows you see today on Cartoon Network (the Problem sovlerz, Secret mountain fort awesome, Regular shite and others) PS the audio from the episodes wasn't used because then this video wouldn't last on Youtube for a week. So stop complaning, you can watch all the episodes on the Internet and decide for yourself if the reasons for the bans are good... And no I did not forget "Dexter's rude removal". That episode was not made for TV, so I didn't count it as a banned episode. And the banned episodes of pokemon were also not counted, since Cartoon network didn't make that show...
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