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Rama O Rama 1988 | Full Movie | Raj Babbar, Kimi Katkar, Pran, Gulshan Grover

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Posted 2 years ago
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Category: Film & Animation
Description: Movie:- Rama O Rama (1988)Starcast:- Raj Babbar, Kimi Katkar, Pran, Gulshan GroverDirected & Produced by:- Mirza Brothers
Duration: 2 hours, 15 minutes and 29 seconds
Rating: 8/10 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: April 09, 2015


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Gaane Sune Ansune • 1 year ago
Presenting RAMA O RAMA DO FULL VIDEO SONG from RAMA O RAMA movie starring Raj Babbar, Kimi Katkar, Aasif Sheikh, Pran in lead roles, released in 1988. The song is sung by Amit Kumar, Jayshree Shivram and music is given by R. D. Burman and music is available exclusively on Gaane Sune Ansune. Song: RAMA O RAMA Singer: AMIT KUMAR, JAYSHREE SHIVRAM Music Director: R. D. BURMAN Lyricist: ANAND BAKSHI #AmitKumar #AmitKumarSongs #80sHindiSongs #HDSongs #GaaneSuneAnsune ► Click to Watch More Superhit Songs of Anand Bakshi - https://goo.gl/9qoi7x ►Click to Watch More Superhit Songs - https://goo.gl/Obaa7I _______________________________________ Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Log on to Youtube and tune in to Gaane Sune Ansune to listen your all time favourites, any time, any day. http://www.youtube.com/gaanesuneansune Circle us on G+ http://www.google.com/+gaanesuneansune Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/GaaneSuneAnsune Follow us on http://www.twitter.com/gaanesuneansune _______________________________________ rama o rama, amit kumar songs, jayshree shivram songs, raj babbar songs, raj babbar songs hd, raj babbar hit songs, kimi katkar songs, aashif sheikh songs, pran songs, aasif sheikh song, anand bakshi songs, 1988 hindi songs hits, r d burman hit songs, rama o rama song, rama o rama movie songs, 80s hits hindi songs, gaane sune ansune, gane sune ansune, gaanesuneansune
GoldminesAction • 1 year ago
The movie story deals with Tuti Shah who murders Kishan to defend his anti-social business and trap Kishan's friend D'souza in his murder. D'Souza gets life imprisonment. D'Souza seven years old son Michael runs away in frustration when his best friend and Kishan's son Vijay Sinha also kicks him out for being the son of his father's murderer. Time passes away. D'Souza comes out from jail and meets father of the church. Father informs him that he could not trace out his son Michael but according to his wish he had made police inspector to his friend Kishan's son Vijay Sinha with the help of the money he used to send from the jail. D'Souza decides to bring the truth of the murder of Vijay Sinha's father to his knowledge by getting Tuti Shah arrested. At the same time Tuti Shah comes to know about deprived Michael and his sympathy and attachment towards the poor. He black mails Michael emotionally and gets his rival Bakhshi Jang Bahadur killed by Michael. During his attack a hotel dancer Maria loses her eyesight by the flames of Michael's pistol. Michael himself feels responsible for this accident and without disclosing his identity starts helping and taking care of Maria. Both fall in love each other Now the motto of Michael's life is to get Maria's eyesight back. Tuti Shash again black mails Michael emotionally. He offers him money for the operation of Maria's eyes and asks to kill his another enemy Inspector Dharam Das in exchange. But in this deal Tuti Shah deceives Michael. On the other side Inpsector Vijay Sinha chasing Michael for both the murders and wants to arrest the mafia don Tuti Shah also. To defend a pick pocket Meena from hoodlums Inspector Vijay Sinha himself falls in love with her. Inspector Vijay Sinha arrests Tuti Shah red-handed but fails to do anything against him as a lawman. He resigns from his service and decides to eliminate Tuti Shah. Now D'Souza, Michael and Vijay Sinha are at one side and Tuti Shah and his personal army on the other side.
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Dyaneshwarprasad's four daughters refuse to get married stating different reasons. However, Raju, a conman, helps him overcome his problem. Directed by - Shakeel Noorani Produced by - Shakeel Noorani Written by - Ikram Akhtar Starring - Govinda Twinkle Khanna Kader Khan Johnny Lever Ali Asgar Music by - Aadesh Shrivastav Cinematography - Dinesh Telkar Release date - 16 June 2000 Country - India Language - Hindi
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Watch Aitbaar (1985) Hindi Full Movie || Dimple Kapadia, Raj Babbar, Suresh Oberoi Aitbaar Hindi Full Movie starring Dimple Kapadia, Raj Babbar, Suresh Oberoi, Danny Denzongpa, Sharat Saxena, Anupam Kher, Leena Das, Huma Khan and others. Directed by Mukul Anand. Produced by Romesh Sharma. Music by Bappi Lahiri. for more Bollywood Movies Subscribe to us: https://goo.gl/BjFTq6
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The disputed area between the borders of India and Pakistan is the scene of heavy terrorist activity, as they intent to intensify their agitation to put pressure on the Indian Government to free Kashmir and Kashmiris and let them govern themselves independently. An attempt is made on the Home Minister himself, in vain though. Then the police raid the Home Minister's bodyguard, Noor Mohamed Azaad, house killing his mother, father, a journalist friend, and sister, arresting him, beating him up and then throwing him out from their jeep. The Home Minister and the police promise action, but a devastated Noor decides to take up arms against the Indian forces and joins the terrorists, headed by Masood Qadri. Alarmed at these actions, the Home Minister meets with the Indian Army Major, and together they decide to reinstate dishonorably discharged Arjun Singh Toofan back into the army and assign him with the task of apprehending the terrorists who are now led by Masood, Noor, Sultan Baluchi, and Colonel Gaddafi. Arjun apprehends Masood, but not for long, as his gang abducts a bus-load of passengers and hold them hostage until Masood's release. A dithering army major, whose daughter is amongst the hostages, releases Masood, and suspends Arjun for disobeying orders. Enraged with the Indian army and it's tactics, Arjun turns renegade and decides to join the terrorists. Masood would like to welcome him with open arms, but first Arjun must prove his worth - he must kill an important person in the Indian Government to qualify. The question remains - who is the one that Arjun must kill? Movie:- Aaya Toofan (1999) Starcast:- Mithun Chakraborty, Aditya Pancholi, Gulshan Grover Directed by:- Deepak Balraj Vij Produced by:- Rishikesh Dharisinha Music by:- Bappi Lahiri ------------------------------------------------ Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to Goldmines Telefilms:- http://www.youtube.com/goldminestelefilms Circle us on G+ http://www.google.com/+goldminestelefilms Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/goldminestelefilmspvtltd Follow us on http://www.twitter.com/gtelefilms ------------------------------------------------ Goldmines Hindi,Goldmines movies,hindi movies 2017,aaya toofan full movie,aaya toofan full movie mithun,aditya pancholi movies,bappi lahiri hit songs,aaya toofan movie song,gulshan grover movies,bappi lahiri song,mithun chakraborty songs,mithun chakraborty movies full hindi,90 movies full movies
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http://vid.io/xcro Maa Kasam is a 1999 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Ashok Gaikwad and produced by Rajiv Babbar, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Mink and Gulshan Grover
Goldmines Telefilms • 2 years ago
The movie story deals with Rambabu a Hot-Blooded, High Tempered Mechanic who has a kind heart as well as a tendency to react to various social incidents shown or published in the electronic media. After studying his mentality, Ganga, a cameraman from NC Channel offers him a Job as a Journalist and he accepts it. Ex-Chief Minister Jawahar Naidu tries to collapse the Government and regaining the CM post and is strongly supported by his son Rana Babu, a newbie to politics. Meanwhile, a reputed Journalist Dasaradh Ram brings the proofs and required information about the scams and atrocities committed by Jawahar Naidu, only to be brutally murdered by Rana Babu. Though everyone including the police are aware that Rana Babu is the murderer, none dares to tell the same. Rambabu valiantly opposes him and gets him arrested. However, Rana Babu is released from the jail with the help of his political friends and he challenges Ram Babu that he would be the CM by using the Media. A War starts between Ram Babu and Rana Babu when Rana Babu enters politics. For Gaining Political Mileage, Rana Babu starts a movement opposing the presence of other states people in Andhra Pradesh and makes it a Big movement. He even injures Ram Babu severely. However, Ram Babu at the hospital delivers an emotional speech thus destroying the momentum of the movement. For making his position in the politics strong, he makes Jawahar Naidu deliver his last speech and murders him, which is recorded by Rambabu's friend. Smitha, the head of another News Channel steals it and makes a deal with Rana Babu to disclose the whole for a hefty price. With the support of all the young blood influenced by his speech, Ram Babu reaches the building where Rana Babu hosted a party for his colleagues. Ram Babu sents a message with the commissioner of police to Rana Babu that the guests should vacate the building to avoid themselves being killed along with Rana Babu by the people. Before leaving, Smitha orders to telecast the video, only to be killed by Rana Babu. Rana Babu comes outside with his pistol and shoots Ram Babu. The film ends with Rana Babu dying in the stampede of the people and Ram Babu reaching the ambulance accompanied by Ganga, whom he loved and who he is being loved by.
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Movie:- Khoj (1989) Starcast:- Rishi Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Kimi Katkar, Satish Shah, Danny Denzongpa Directed & Produced by:- Keshu Ramsay Music by:- Laxmikant Pyarelal