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潮剧 五福连 十仙庆寿 part1

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Posted 7 years ago
潮剧, 五福连, 十仙庆寿, 扮仙, 八仙, 瑤池金母, 春節, 春节, 新年, 祭祖
Category: Music
Description: 广东潮剧院一团 演出金母 - 翁松梅东方朔 - 李四海吕洞宾 - 黄映伟韩湘子 - 林初发张果老 - 陈鸿飞汉钟离 - 林武燕李铁拐 - 张树桐曹国舅 - 李少丰蓝采和 - 戴淑刁何仙姑 - 张柔珊
Duration: 5 minutes and 53 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: June 11, 2010
Uploader: zijunzhang


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zijunzhang • 7 years ago
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KHO LIEW • 3 years ago
八仙贺寿 香港新天彩潮剧团
Eric Tan • 6 years ago
潮剧《地藏王本愿经》,是一出以佛教题材编写的音像舞台潮剧,由新加坡地藏林出品。(非卖品) 剧本奉编:许镇焕(中国潮州)。 潮曲敬作:丁增钦(中国汕头)。 导演:谢继顺、张树桐(中国广东潮剧院)。 演出团体:中国广东潮剧院一、二团。
zijunzhang • 7 years ago
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Low Henry • 3 years ago
tql1987 • 4 years ago
陈楚蕙 (1943 - 2012) 今早与世长辞,她给我们留下了许多优秀的作品以及美好的回忆,就让我们送她最后一程,蕙姨一路行好。
hxuanyuan • 6 years ago
Classical Chaozhou (Teochew) Gong & Drum Music performed by 汕头市澄海区西门潮乐社.
TeochewPhoenix • 7 years ago
Fans of Teochew (Chaozhou) opera will be delighted to know that there is a thriving scene in Shantou (Swatow), China where budding opera aritstes are being groomed and developed. In the latest round of competition (sping, 2010) involving young performing artistes, a crop of budding actors and actresses made impressive breakthroughs with their polished skills and innovative styles. These talented young stars look set to blaze a hot trail on the Chaozhou opera scene in days to come.
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