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Olympia Traveler Orange

· N/A · 937
Posted 4 years ago
Category: Film & Animation
Duration: 2 minutes and 33 seconds
Rating: Unavailable
Definition: SD
Published: April 01, 2013
Uploader: Javier Presedo


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DrCassette • 7 years ago
The Olympia Traveller De Luxe typewriter
Alex H • 2 years ago
Hello everyone! Here is a video of me using a vintage Olympia Traveller manual typewriter from the 1970's. I have renovated it and put it on sale on my website at http://www.londontypewriters.co.uk If you have any questions/suggestions, let me know! Thanks for watching.
KeyChatter.com - Mechanical Keyboard News, Reviews, and more • 1 year ago
Not the normal typing test. Watch as the typewriter runs away from me on my desk! I need to dig up my foam mat out of the closet.
Garfi78 • 4 years ago
This is a typewriter I recently bought for 2 EUR. The manufacturer is "Olympia", a former german company. The model name is "Report de Luxe SKE". I guess the machine is about 30 years old and it works like a charm. I only had to repair the line feed action which had become mechanically disconnected. I especially like the 70s orange color and the distinct noise it makes. I hope you enjoy this short detour into the world of old office machines! (Please forgive me any typing errors: I am not a native english speaker and a bad typist...)
Javier Presedo • 3 years ago
BKtypewriters101 • 3 years ago
Type Sample from a Yugoslavian made Olympia Traveller Typewriter. This typewriter is for sale on: http://typewriters101.weebly.com/typewriters-for-sale.html You can find this machine under "Portable Typewriters For Sale"
Jacques Coulombe • 2 years ago
Cette vidéo traite de la machine à écrire Olympia Traveller de Luxe Procédure d'installation du ruban sur la machine à écrire Olympia Traveller de Luxe #typewriters #typewriter #machines à écrire Nous vendons les rubans pour les machines à écrire Olympia Traveller de Luxe Code de produit: # OLY-EURO NR (ruban nylon noir et rouge) # OLY-EURO N (ruban nylon noir) # OLY-EURO BL/R (ruban nylon bleu/rouge) http://www.jacquescoulombe.ca/produits/rubans_02.html Nous réparons les machines à écrire Olympia Technicien: Jacques Coulombe Compagnie: Jacques Coulombe Ltée Téléphone: (514) 255-9769 Site internet: http://www.jacquescoulombe.ca courriel: [email protected] #machine à écrire #typewriter #dactylo #dactylos #dactylo ruban #typewriter ribbon
RandomVarietyChannel • 6 years ago
Ari M., legitimate typewriter teacher (he (I) was taught by grandparents who used them and have 3 in their attic) teaches you how to use a typewriter. Typewriters can be bought online for only 20 dollars, so take out your wallet and watch this video.
altorff • 6 years ago
Typosphering on a Hermes Baby, spring 2011.
Javier Presedo • 3 years ago