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Mujhe Dushman ke Bachon ko Parhana Hai | ISPR New Song | APS Peshawar

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Posted 1 year ago
Mujhe Dushman ke Bachon, Mujhe Dushman ke Bachon ko Parhana Hai, ISPR New Song, APS Peshawar, Song (Composition Type), ispr new song 2015, Inter-Services Public Relations
Category: Music
Description: Watch Mujhe Dushman ke Bachon ko Parhana Hai Sequel of (bara dushman bana phirta Hai) ISPR New Song.Singer Name is Azaan and Written By Major ImranLyrics in English/UrduThe place of pen is the sameBut even his (enemy’s) name has goneThere’s some spot on the tip of the penCan the truth ever be stopped?The childhood that had to last a little longerThat one (enemy) oh mother who snatched your dreamI have to go and seek revenge from him oh dear motherI have to educate the children of the enemyThat one in your thoughts that doesn’t let you sleep oh motherYou kept crying while looking at the books oh dear motherWhose return do you await…Why does the father keep this door open?The one who fell in everybody’s eyesThe one who wasn’t a human and had no GodI have to go seek revenge from him oh dear motherI have to educate the children of the enemyI have to go seek revenge from him oh dear motherI have to educate the children of the enemyThe one that left smiling in front of fearThe one who has gone leaving behind his schoolbagA strange story he wrote before leavingHe left a sign in the books…The one that left the kissable forehead in bloodThe one who killed the dreamsI have to go seek revenge from him oh dear motherI have to educate the children of the enemy!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Urdu Lyricsکلم کی جو جگھا تھی وہ وھی ھےپر اسکا نام تک باکی نھی ھےکلم کی نوک پر نقطہ ھے وھیجو سچ ھو وہ بھلا وہ جھکتا ھے کوئ ؟وہ جس بچپن نے تھوڑا اور جینا تھاوہ جس نے ماں تمھارا غواب چھینا تھامجھے ماں اس سے بدلا لینے جانا یےمجھے دشمن کے بچوں کو پڑھانا ھےوہ جس کو سوچ کے سوتی نھیں ماںکتابیں دیکھ کے روتی رھی ماںھے کس کی واپسی کی راھ تکتےیھ دروازا بابا کھلا کیوں رکھتےوہ جو ساری ھی نظروں سے گرا تھانا تھا انسان نا جس کا خدا تھامجھے ماں اس سے بدلا لینے جانا یےمجھے دشمن کے بچوں کو پڑھانا ھےوہ ڈر کے سامنے ھنستا گیا ھےجو اپنا چھوڑ کر بستا گیا ھےکے اک کیسی کھانی لکھ گیا وہکتباوں میں نشانی رکھ گیا وہوہ ماتھا چومنے والا لھو تھاوہ جس نے غواب کا بھی غون کیا تھامجھے ماں اس سے بدلا لینے جانا یےمجھے دشمن کے بچوں کو پڑھانا ھے► Website - http://www.talkshowscentral.com► Subscribe us - https://youtube.com/c/TalkShowsCentral► Facebook - https://facebook.com/Talk-Shows-Central-481960088660559► Twitter - https://twitter.com/TalkShowsPk
Duration: 4 minutes and 28 seconds
Rating: 8/10 - Good
Definition: SD
Published: December 13, 2015


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