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Kreator - Terrible Certainty - 1987 (FULL ALBUM) [HD]

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Posted 1 year ago
Category: Music
Description: Tracklist:1.Blind Faith 00:002.Storming With Menace 04:073.Terrible Certainty 08:314.As The World Burns 13:005.Toxic Trace 16:486.No Escape 22:237.One Of Us 27:238.Behind The Mirror 31:24Info:Country - GermanyGenre - Thrash MetalLabel - Noise Records
Duration: 36 minutes and 1 second
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: April 10, 2016
Uploader: MetalandHard


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thrasher26 • 4 years ago
All rights reserved Noise Records and Kreator 1989. Lista de Canciones: 1. Extreme Aggression 0:00 2. No Reason To Exist 4:44 3. Love Us Or Hate Us 9:20 4. Stream Of Consciousness 13:04 5. Some Pain Will Last 16:58 6. Betrayer 22:35 7. Don't Trust 26:35 8. Bringer Of Torture 30:19 9. Fatal Energy 32:34 Artista: Kreator Album: Extreme Aggression Año: 1989 Genero: Thrash Metal Pais: Alemania
Tvvisty • 3 years ago
Lyrics Extreme Aggressions From an extremely insane mind Resting unconscious Pushed up by white lines Inhuman violence I never thought it would come this far Sadistic intentions My greed for blood is growing more and more Extreme Aggressions Seeing you suffer brings pleasure to me Extreme Aggressions My aggressions became to extreme to be kept under control Hallucinations From the darkest part of my brain I still can't believe it Am I really insane I heard your pleading But no one hears the screams of this soul of mine Extreme Aggressions Seeing you suffer brings pleasure to me Extreme Aggressions My aggressions became too extreme to be kept under control Society, what have you done to me Society, bring you to your knees Once before I die Now that I have lost the will to live Once before I die I'll take revenge on those who've led me to Extreme aggressions My emotions, twisted by your lies Extreme aggressions Condemned my soul to hell for all time
vincentsplatterent66 • 7 years ago
Lyrics : Die! Slowly you're dying From this contagious disease Once you're infected there's no hope of a cure Your passing is a sure thing Your thoughts are empty and hopeless Nothing is left for you now Having to live with this terrible certainty Praying is all you can do It's vicious and crippling and slowly your life will end But how long will it take to save us from the plague With fatal convulsions the plague is reaching for us God knows! What will it take to save us from the plague Contracted by blood The virus can be in us all You're one of it's victims, but then thousands more And they won't be the last So many civilisations before The mighty, the proud and the brave The poor, the rich - Indiscriminate Soon they'll all end in the grave
Jax Teller • 2 years ago
Noise 1st press vinyl LP Side A 1. Endless Pain 03:32 2. Total Death 03:28 3. Storm of the Beast 05:01 4. Tormentor 02:55 5. Son of Evil 04:16 Side B 6. Flag of Hate 04:42 7. Cry War 03:45 8. Bone Breaker 02:58 9. Living in Fear 03:12 10. Dying Victims 04:51 Lineup: Mille Petrozza - Vocals (lead) (2, 4, 6, 8, 10), Guitars Ventor - Drums, Vocals (lead) (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) Roberto Fioretti - Bass
Ziomaletto • 3 months ago
Album "Phantom Antichrist" recorded by Kreator in 2012. Check out comments section for tracklist. Line-up: Miland "Mille" Petrozza - vocals, rhythm guitar Sami Yli-Sirniö – lead guitar Jürgen "Ventor" Reil – drums Christian "Speesy" Giesler – bass guitar You can also download this album here: http://chomikuj.pl/ZiomalettozTW4/Muzyka/Albumy/Kreator/Kreator+-+Phantom+Antichrist+(2012),5878847052.rar(archive) All rights belongs to Nuclear Blast Records & Kreator.
Fabrício Gabriel • 5 years ago
1. Curse The Gods - 00:00 2. Confound Games - 06:07 3. Life Without Sense - 10:37 4. United by Hatred - 17:01 5. Eternal Ban - 22:05 6. Upcoming Devastation (Instrumental) - 25:46 7. Confused Mind - 29:53 Recorded In 1986. Schmier: Bass & Vocals Mike: Guitars Tommy: Drums
Thiago Vinícius • 3 years ago
1. "Evil Has No Boundaries" 3:09 2. "The Antichrist" 2:49 3. "Die by the Sword" 3:37 4. "Fight 'Till Death" 3:37 5. "Metal Storm/Face the Slayer" 4:53 6. "Black Magic" 4:03 7. "Tormentor" 3:45 8. "The Final Command" 2:32 9. "Crionics" 3:29 10. "Show No Mercy" 3:05
Fabrício Gabriel • 5 years ago
1. When the Sun Burns Red - 00:00 2. Coma of Souls - 05:36 3. People of The Lie - 4. World Beyond - 10:01 5. Terror Zone - 15:32 6. Agents of Brutality - 21:39 7. Material World Paranoia - 26:59 8. Twisted Urges - 32:05 9. Hidden Dictator - 34:57 10. Mental Slavery - 39:53 Recorded In 1990. Mille Petrozza - Guitars/Vocals Rob Fioretti - Bass Frank Gosdzik - Guitars Ventor - Drums
David Monllor • 3 years ago
Bueno Amigos Aqui Les Dejo Un [EP] De Kreator - Out Of The Dark... Into The Light Que Es Uno De Los Mejores [EP] De Kreator Ademas Con Temas En (Live). Lista De Temas: 01. Impossible To Cure 00:00 02. Lambs To Slaughter (Raven Cover) 02:40 03. Terrible Certainty (Live) 06:30 04. Riot Of Violence (Live) 11:43 05. Awakening The Gods (Live) 17:22 06. Flag Of Hate (Live) 24:59 07. Love Us Or Hate Us (Live) 29:06 08. Behind The Mirror 33:05 Mi Facebook de Discografias aqui pueden buscar o pedir album y se los consigo: https://www.facebook.com/Linktendenciesofficial No se Olviden De Suscribirce: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3bEPyQl7WZ1rUnOafA6cw/feed?activity_view 3
MillePetrozza10 • 6 months ago
Brand new song from the brand new album GODS OF VIOLENCE, to be released on January 27th, pre-order your copy here: http://www.nuclearblast.de/en/label/music/band/shop/71104.kreator.html I do not own this song, I just want to share this awesome track with everyone. Long live Kreator!