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Jatt The Yaar (2016) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Vijay, Asin, Rajkiran

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Posted 1 year ago
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Category: Film & Animation
Description: The Story is about the strange fascination of a guy who worships anyone with a trace of heroism. He one comes across a reformed liquor mogul and now leading businessman and finds him to be his hero. He then joins him as the bodyguard to protect his beautiful daughter.The body guard and the beautiful daughter fall in love without knowing to each other and later separate without wanting to. What happened to their love and after is the story.
Duration: 2 hours, 27 minutes and 45 seconds
Rating: 8/10 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: July 29, 2016


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On his wedding day, Shiva (Vijay) discovers that his cousin and bride, Aruna, has run away because she does not want to marry a cook. But he takes it lightly and moves to Chennai with the girl's brother (Shyam Ganesh) to look for a job. One night, he saves Sandya from some goons. In gratitude, she kisses him. Shiva starts to fall in love with Sandya. After several occasions where they bumped into each other, Shiva harbours hope that she too reciprocates his affections. However at Sandya's birthday party, she announces her engagement to computer engineer, Pratap (Yugendran). Shiva is devastated at the news and leaves the room quietly. Sandya finds him standing alone at the swimming pool. She asks him about his impression of Pratap and is shocked when Shiva reveals to her that he loves her. Sandya declares that she only feels friendship towards him and tells him to stop loving her. After receiving a telephone call, Shiva goes to the police station and finds Aruna. She had eloped to be with her lover. However, he later abandoned her and left her penniless. With no one to turn to, Aruna attempted suicide. Shiva takes her back home to take care of her. Aruna's brother was still angry and calls up their parents. Shiva speaks up for Aruna and gets the family to forgive her. Before returning to the village, Aruna meets Pratap and discovers that Sandya's fiance is actually the lover who abandoned her. On the eve of Sandya's wedding, she finally understands that she loves Shiva and tells her father (Manivannan) that she does not want to marry Pratap. Her father refuses to cancel the wedding and gives Shiva a cheque for 10 million to get the latter to leave Sandya. Sandya runs away on her wedding day to look for Shiva and confesses to him that she loves him too. She wants to elope with Shiva but he brings her back to the wedding venue. Before the ceremony starts, he calls Pratap into a room and closes the door. When the door reopens, Shiva and Pratap had changed clothes. Shiva is now in the groom's attire while Pratap is in ordinary clothes. Shiva marries Sandya in the end. On their wedding night, Shiva reveals to Sandya what happened between Pratap and him in the room. Movie Title - Youth - Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Starring - Vijay, Shaheen Khan, Vivek, Yugendran Director - Vincent Selva Synopsis: Youth is a 2015 Full Hindi Dubbed Action Movie directed by Vincent Selva, which is a remake of the Telugu film, Chiru Navvuto (2000). Vijay and Shaheen Khan appeared in the lead roles while Yugendran, Vivek, Manivannan and Sindhu Menon play other pivotal characters. The film opened to highly positive reviews. Click to Susbscribe Us: http://goo.gl/Bscph8
Goldmines Premiere • 2 months ago
The movie story deals with Ravi who lives in Tuticorin. He aspires to become a policeman like his idol, Encounter Specialist Devaraj IPS. After completing his Plus 2, he joins a college in Chennai, and also earns a living by driving an auto rickshaw. During the course, he meets Suseela and falls in love with her instantly. Although Suseela rejects Ravi's advances at first, with the help of her grandmother, he succeeds in winning Suseela's heart. Enter Chella, a rowdy and womaniser who wants to sleep with every beautiful young woman he meets. He meets Ravi's friend Uma in a public place, where she is taking donations for some cause, and immediately develops an attraction to her. When Uma asks Chella to contribute money, he willingly does so, but insults her by placing the money over her breasts. When Ravi finds out what had happened to Uma, he comes to her defense and beats up Chella, hospitalising him. His troubles start from there as Chella's father, a criminal don named Vedanayagam, with the help of his right-hand man and corrupt police officer Kattabomman, begins to create havoc in Ravi's life. Ravi is soon thrown in jail on a false case of drug smuggling and is expelled from college. Only Suseela is willing to actively help him. Suseela goes to Devaraj to garner support to help Ravi, but Devaraj refuses to help as his entire family had died at the hands of Vedanayagam and his henchmen as a result of trying to take action against them, with Devaraj himself made completely blind by Vedanayagam. However, with the help of his henchmen, he saves Ravi from being killed in a fake encounter led by Kattabomman. It is at this stage that Ravi takes up a new persona called "Police" Ravi to clean up the illegal activities of Vedanayagam and instill hope in the public, something that Devaraj was unable to do.
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The city of Chennai is rife with the nefarious activities of land mafia. There are two rival gangs, one under Ali Bhai (Prakash Raj) who resides in Dubai and controls his India operations through his brothers Guru and Ajay as well as Ali Bhai's girlfriend Mona (Brinda Parekh), and another operated by a local goon Narasimhan (Anandaraj). They threaten builders and land owners into giving them protection money or property, through force, extortion or murder. Mohammed Maideen Khan (Napoleon) arrives as the new Commissioner of Chennai and starts cracking down on crime. Tamizh (Vijay), a thug, is abducted by Ajay and his henchmen. Tamizh has taken a contract from Narasimhan to beat up Ajay, which he does. However, Guru invites Tamizh to join Ali Bhai's gang. Tamizh declines stating that he does not work for any gang, but is ready to do anything given enough money. Meanwhile, Tamizh falls in love with Shruthi (Asin), when he visits his friend Saravanan's (Sreeman) aerobics class, but she mistakes him for a thug. Shruthi, a college student, lives with her widowed mother (Sriranjani) and younger brother (Master Bharath). Body Soda (Vadivelu) lives above Shruthi's house, and is a bogus Kung Fu master who frequently, albeit comically and unsuccessfully, tries to convince Shruthi to marry him. Inspector Govindan (Mukesh Tiwari), is a corrupt police officer in the colony where Tamizh and Shruthi live and is on the payroll of Ali Bhai. He lusts for Shruthi and decides to make her his mistress, even after multiple rejections by Shruthi. Tamizh's first assignment with Ali's gang is to kill a member of Narasimhan's gang. However, police show up at the spot where Tamizh and the other gangsters are waiting. Tamizh engages the cops long enough for the others to finish the task and flee. He also helps Shruthi escape from Govindan. She is impressed by his kindness and a friendship soon blossoms between the two, leading to the development of unspoken romantic feelings for each other. When Shruthi tries to express her feelings to Tamizh, they are attacked by members of Narasimhan's gang, whom Tamizh finishes off. Shruthi is shocked to learn that Tamizh is a gangster with no qualms about killing people. Later, Govindan arranges for some thugs to pretend to rape Shruthi, so that no decent family will want to take her as their daughter-in-law, as a result of which with no other option Shruthi and her mother will accept his demands. Tamizh learns of this and assaults Govindan incognito. After much ado and mental anguish, Shruthi accepts Tamizh's love. Soon, Guru is found dead, presumably killed by Narasimhan's henchmen, which forces Ali Bhai to come to Chennai and kill Narasimhan. He also meets Tamizh to discuss the killing of a minister by blowing up a school. Tamizh disagrees with Ali Bhai's method as it would involve killing innocents including women and children. In the middle of their argument, the police raid the club and arrest Ali Bhai. His gang members retaliate by kidnapping the police commissioner's daughter, drugging her and creating a lewd video of her which they threaten to release to the media if Ali Bhai is not released, forcing the embattled commissioner to release Ali Bhai. In her drugged state, the commissioner's daughter also reveals that her father had placed a mole in Ali Bhai's gang. The gang members find that a police officer by the name of Satyamoorthy, the son of a retired police inspector Shanmugavel (Nassar), has gone undercover to finish off the underworld mafia gangs and is now a part of their gang. Ali Bhai kills Satyamoorthy in front of Shanmugavel. However, it is revealed that the person who died was actually Saravanan. Ali Bhai then kills Shanmugavel, hoping that the real Satyamoorthy would come to see his father's body and avenge his death. When the real Satyamoorthy actually turns up, everyone, especially Shruthi, is shocked to see that he is none other than Tamizh. After his father's funeral, Satyamoorthy (Tamizh) forces Govindan to call Ali Bhai to find out his location, which is Binny Mills. He goes there and starts to dispatch Ali Bhai's men one by one, rescuing the commissioner's daughter in the process. In a final confrontation, Satyamoorthy kills Ali Bhai by slitting his throat. Following this, he also kills Govindan. Subscribe 'Gold Digiplex Movies' - https://goo.gl/23Hwh4
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Vijay is an Indian actor who works in Tamil language films. He made his cinematic debut in the 1984 drama Vetri, directed by his father, S. A. Chandrasekhar.[1] After appearing in Chandrasekhar's films as an uncredited child artist, Vijay made his debut as a lead actor with Naalaiya Theerpu (1992).[1] He followed it with a supporting role opposite Vijayakanth in Sendhoorapandi (1993).[2] Vijay went on to play lead roles in his father's directorial ventures such as Rasigan (1994) and Deva (1995).[2][3] Most of them were unsuccessful critically and commercially.[4][5] Vijay's first breakthrough was in 1996 with Vikraman's romance film, Poove Unakkaga.[2][4] His subsequent films, Vasanth's Nerrukku Ner (1997) and Fazil's Kadhalukku Mariyadhai (1997), were critically and commercially successful.[4][6] His performance in the latter won him the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor.[4] Vijay's role of a cable TV operator who becomes responsible for the loss of his lover's eyesight and later helps her in Thulladha Manamum Thullum (1999) gained him the reputation of a romantic hero.[7][8] Vijay began the new millennium with critically and commercially successful films such as Kushi and Priyamanavale.[9][10] The following year, he appeared in three films: Friends, Badri and Shahjahan. While Friends was commercially successful, the other two underperformed.[2][11] His subsequent films that were released for the next year-and-a-half did not do well at the box office.[12][13] The success of his masala film Thirumalai (2003),[14] where he was paired opposite Jyothika, changed his on-screen persona to that of an action hero.[15] He appeared next as a kabaddi player opposite Trisha in Dharani's Ghilli (2004), which went on to become the most commercially successful Tamil film of the year. It was also the first Tamil film to earn ₹500 million (Indian rupees).[4][16] His performance as a caring brother in the masala film Thirupachi (2005) earned him a special prize at the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards.[17][18] He continued to achieve commercial success with Sivakasi (2005) and Pokkiri (2007).[19][20] The latter garnered him a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Actor.[21] Barring Vettaikaaran (2009),[22] all of his subsequent releases from Azhagiya Thamizh Magan (2007), where he played dual roles for the first time in his career,[23] to his 50th film, Sura (2010), were commercial failures.[24] In 2011 Vijay's career prospects improved after he was praised for his role as a bodyguard in Kaavalan.[25][26] The following year he appeared in two films: as a college student in Nanban and an army officer in Thuppakki.[27][28] His performances in both films received positive critical feedback,[29] with the latter earning him a Best Actor nomination at the 60th Filmfare Awards South.[30] He followed that with A. L. Vijay's Thalaivaa (2013) and the multi-starrer Jilla (2014). The latter featured him along with Mohanlal. Both films were successful.[31][32] He teamed up with Murugadoss again for the action film Kaththi (2014). The film, which had Vijay playing dual roles as a thief and an idealist, became one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of that year.[33] He featured as a tribal warrior in his next film, Chimbu Deven's historical fantasy Puli (2015);[34] it was a commercial failure.[35] The following year, he played a police officer in Theri (2016).[36] The film had one of the biggest openings in Tamil cinema, grossing ₹1.56 billion, and is among the highest-grossing Tamil films of all time.[37] Vijay's performance in the film earned him his fourth nomination for Best Actor at Filmfare.[38] Born in Madurai, Atlee spent all his "growing years" in Chennai. Atlee, aka Arun Kumar, did his Visual Communications at Sathyabhama University. He worked with director Shankar for 5 years, acting as the associate director for massive, landmark films such as Enthiran and Nanban. He began his career as an assistant director in Enthiran (2010) under director S. Shankar and he continued to work with him in his next project Nanban (2012), a remake of the Hindi film 3 Idiots. In 2013, he made his directional debut through Raja Rani. The film was produced by Fox Star Studios and AR Murugadoss. It was a romantic comedy featuring Arya, Jai, Nayantara, Nazriya Nazim and Sathyaraj. He was appreciated for pulling off a stellar ensemble cast successfully in his very first film. Raja Rani eventually emerged a huge success after earning over 500 million from the South Indian box office within four weeks.[1] It also has won him the Vijay Award for Best Debut Director.[2] Atlee's latest directorial film is Theri, which has an ensemble cast; Vijay, Samantha, Baby Nainika and Amy Jackson has become Second highest grossing Tamil film for the year 2016 grossing Rs. 175 CR and result into profitable tamil film of the year.
Goldmines Premiere • 6 months ago
The movie begins with Sivan who is a Madurai-based don, being cornered by a gang while taking his pregnant wife to the hospital. He manages to thwart the gang, following which he adopts his slain driver's son Shakthi. Shakthi witnessed his father being killed by a police officer during the fight, which induces a hatred for the police in him to such an extent that he does not tolerate others wearing a khaki shirt or even dreaming of becoming a police officer, including his friend Gopal, who aspires to join the police when he grows up. Several years later, Shakthi, now a young man, has become Sivan's most trusted aide, assisting him in his criminal activities and also twinning as his bodyguard and driver. His aversion for the police has not waned, even rejecting a woman named Shanthi, for whom he had an infatuation after witnessing her admonishing two female police constables taking a bribe until he found out that she is a police inspector herself. Life goes smoothly for Sivan and Shakthi until the new police commissioner for Madurai takes charge. The commissioner takes Sivan to the outskirts of Madurai, threatens him to quit his nefarious activities or else face arrest, following which he leaves him there. This incident leaves Sivan humiliated, prompting him to force Shakthi to join the police to save his crime syndicate and prove the commissioner's word's wrong. Shakthi, due to his hatred for the police, deliberately fails the exam and physical tests required to become a police officer, but still ends up becoming a police officer due to Sivan's "backroom dealing". Shakthi reluctantly takes up the job as Assistant Commissioner, giving Sivan and his henchmen a free rein to perform their criminal activities. However, after witnessing a mass scale destruction caused by Sivan and his gang, which led to the death of several innocent people, including children and mothers, being admonished by Shanthi for showing disrespect for the police profession, and witnessing the assault of a woman at the hands of Sivan's gang, he changes gears and decides to become an honest and upright police officer. He lodges Sivan's henchmen in prison, and tries to convince Sivan to give up his criminal activities, which does not go well with him, forcing them to part ways.
Digital News • 2 days ago
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Movie Bubbles • 16 hours ago
Movies24hrs.com- Watch Latest Moviez • 1 year ago
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Infinique mediajunction • 1 day ago
Mega Hero Sai Dharam Tej Shocking Comments on Heroine Samantha | Infinique Media Junction Welcome to Infinique Media Junction, the destination to Tollywood, Entertainment latest news videos. It is your one stop source to every latest happening from Telugu movie industry. Breaking news, gossips, is just one click away. Enjoy the Videos.