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How to Apply a Nikon DSLR Firmware Update to Your Camera

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Posted 4 years ago
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Description: Talk to me on Facebook! http://on.fb.me/16uZJsIhttp://www.snapchick.com SnapChick shows you how to update the firmware on your Nikon DSLR.
Duration: 3 minutes and 51 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: April 09, 2013
Uploader: TheSnapChick


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Gil B • 4 years ago
Here is a quick video on how to update your Nikon DSLR's firmware. In this video I update my Nikon D600's firmware. It's something simple and easy to do and you shouldn't be afraid of it.
Slot1Gamer • 2 years ago
This tutorial will show you how to install custom firmware onto most Nikon DSLR cameras. Firmware Patch Tool: http://simeonpilgrim.com/nikon-patch/nikon-patch.html Some feature include (depending on camera model): Unrestricted recording time Ultra high bitrates Full manual video controls and many more Thanks For Watching! Please Subscribe for more videos. This Channel: www.Youtube.com/Slot1Gamer Website: www.Slot1Gamer.com Twitter: @Slot1Gamer Online gaming stuffs: Steam: Slot1Gamer XboxLive: leham14 PSN: leham14 WiiU: leham14 SWOTOR: SpockTheSlayer DSLR Nikon magic lantern CFW mod hacked
PhotographersOnUTube • 4 years ago
http://photographyequipment.yolasite.com/ (Budget Equipment) https://www.facebook.com/JibranAPhotography (For Extra Help) https://plus.google.com/u/0/117707896463999833994/posts (GooglePlus) https://twitter.com/PhotogsOnUTube In this video you'll learn how to clean your DSLR mirror and how to clean your DSLR sensor. You're going to need a dslr cleaning kit to clean your DSLR and clean your lens. The link of the dslr cleaning kit is listed on my website. Equipment used in this video. DSLR - Nikon D7000 and Nikon D600 Lenses Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC Nikon 50mm 1.8G Cleaning Kit : GOJA DSLR Cleaning kit
The Photo Show • 2 years ago
Updating the Firmware on a Nikon D7100. Updating the firmware on your camera can be a daunting task the first time. In this video photographer Dave Vickers takes you step by step through setting up, downloading and updating the firmware on a Nikon D7100. https://www.facebook.com/thephotoshow https://www.photocoordinates.co.uk
Theoria Apophasis • 2 years ago
Angry Photographer: HOW to UPDATE YOUR NIKON FIRMWARE. Easy & Safe way
MalumatTube • 1 day ago
NIKON D850 SPEC'S & FEATURES Nikon D850 is a New Nikon DSLR Successor of Nikon D810 a Full Frame FX Camera Body of Nikon on its 100th Anniversary Nikon D850 is FX Body TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the development of the next-generation full-frame, high-resolution, high-speed digital SLR cameras with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Nikon D850
TheSnapChick • 7 years ago
http://www.snapchick.com In this video, I show you what I bring with me to an on-site senior portrait session and provide some tips.
Nikorasu90 • 4 years ago
How to Update Nikon Firmware . First you have to format a card into the camera. Second descagais updating your camera model Nikon official website. Third decompress on file and on the card meteis archibo. Bin. Fourth meteis the card in the camera and actualizais. Como actualizar cámaras Nikon. Primero teneis que formatear una tarjeta dentro de la cámara. Segundo descagais la actualización de vuestro modelo de cámara de la web oficial de Nikon. Tercero descomprimis en archivo y meteis en la tarjeta el archibo .Bin. Cuarto meteis la tarjeta en la cámara y la actualizais. En mi caso era una Nikon D7100 C:Ver.1.03
turboBB73 • 2 years ago
Video covers the v C1.01 firmware update for the Nikon D750 (but process should be similar for other Nikon DSLR's as well). The three items Nikon cites as changed with this update are: - When shooting with an optional Speedlight and Auto FP high-speed sync enabled with On selected for ISO sensitivity settings - Auto ISO sensitivity control in the photo shooting menu, images were sometimes over-exposed. This issue has been resolved. (Enabling auto FP high-speed sync: Select 1/200 s (Auto FP) or 1/250 s (Auto FP) for Custom Setting e1: Flash sync speed) - When menus were displayed with the camera connected to a 4K-compatible TV via HDMI, display in both the camera monitor and on the TV was not correct. This issue has been resolved. - Noise that could sometimes be heard when Custom Setting d1: Beep was set to any option other than Off has been reduced. Direct link to download firmware (as of 12/8): https://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19320/session/L2F2LzEvdGltZS8xNDE5NTIyNDU1L3NpZC9xVlFDT05hbQ%3D%3D Links mentioned in my vid re: the Auto FP feature: http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Learn-And-Explore/Article/huceaq1c/using-auto-fp-high-speed-sync-to-illuminate-fast-sports-action.html http://darrellyoung.blogspot.com/2011/10/understanding-your-nikons-flash-sync.html My D750 wedding pics shooting experiences: http://forum.nikonrumors.com/discussion/3532/ Disclosure: No products in this video are sponsored nor do I have an affiliation with any companies mentioned.
TheSnapChick • 4 years ago
Let's do some Q&A on my Facebook page! http://on.fb.me/16uZJsI http://www.snapchick.com SnapChick answers viewer questions. In this video, she talks about the uses of the AE-L/AF-L button.