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Danny Phantom | Danny X Sam - Everytime we touch.|

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Posted 4 years ago
Danny Phantom (TV Program)
Category: Film & Animation
Description: - Hello there! It's me again, after such a long time. - Well, this idea for this video got stuck for a whole week in my head, but i just didn't had the time to finally make this video until now! :3 I hope you'll like it. » Cartoon: Danny Phantom©Butch Hartman & Nickelodeon. Song: Everytime we touch©Cascada. «
Duration: 42 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: July 16, 2013
Uploader: musaXphantom


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phantomgirl832 • 4 years ago
hi people so here's a other one of my videos i guess -,-
Danny Fenton • 1 year ago
This is a Danny Phantom and Sam ship.
Sam Menson • 4 years ago
MasterX1375 • 5 years ago
I Love Danny and Sam so i made an everytime we touch vid. for them.
BlueStarRO • 5 years ago
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING HERE I've got this idea about 2 weeks ago an it was funny so I did it. Initialy was 'Anything Tuck can do Sam can do better' but...Tucker can't live on bread and cheese XD No, I just decided to put Danny too. It's not the best video, it's made with Windows Movie Maker but I've tried my best. Characters belong to Butch Hartman Song belongs to whoever is singing XD I just found it on the internet but I don't know who is singing
Thekittens1234 • 4 years ago
This video took me awhile to make but it was worth it because I think it turned out pretty good and I hope you guys think so too! Also, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Katy Perry but I can't help liking this song! I think it fits perfectly with Danny and Sam. Please comment rate and subscribe This video was requested Song: E.T. Artist: Katy Perry T.V. Series: Danny Phantom I do NOT own ANYTHING!!!
julcsy16 • 8 years ago
AnimatedLife5 • 3 years ago
Song: ET Artist: Katy Perry Show: Danny Phantom Couple: Danny and Sam Edited By: AnythingGoes555555
Danny Phantom • 4 years ago
They're so cute together o3o. Cartoon; Danny Phantom - Butch Hartman Music; Disgusting - Kesha.
lDannyPhantoml • 7 years ago
Danny is so blindly in love with his backstabber of a girlfriend Paulina, he's too fogged out in all the popularity to see how perfect a girlfriend Sam would make. Sam admits that she has feelings, and tells of how she's always had his back, and how she thinks he's perfect in every way. Will Danny agree? Or will he push Sam away and tare at her already broken heart?