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Crosshairs and Camera zoom in Unity 3d

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Posted 4 years ago
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Category: Education
Description: http://xenosmashgames.com/crosshairs-and-camera-zoom-in-unity3d/In this Xenosmash tutorial we will be going over how to create a simple crosshair (a dot in this tutorial) to replace our cursor arrow. Then we'll show you how to use a script that will be applied to our camera to zoom in using the "Field of View" (FOV) settings in our camera when we press the "z" key.We'll start off by adjusting the field of view for our camera using our script. This script will have a simple boolean type of toggle that will check to see if we're zoomed in. If we are then it will zoom out and vice versa. We can adjust the amount of zoom to use this script on a variety of "scopes" or binoculars. We'll use the "z" key to toggle this zooming feature. We'll finish off this video by changing our cursor using a custom crosshair. For this video we used a dot similar to the "crosshair" in Max Payne. We'll use a small 2d texture and use the GUITexture component for this. This will show a custom cursor but we'll also need to make sure our arrow cursor disappears when we click into our game so that only our crosshair is visible. Scripts can be found here: http://xenosmashgames.com/crosshairs-and-camera-zoom-in-unity3d/
Duration: 6 minutes and 35 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: April 23, 2013
Uploader: Xenosmash Games


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