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Chris Blatchford Fox 1 News Special, Mexican Mafia

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Posted 11 months ago
Mexican Mafia, EME, Most Dangerous Prison Gang, Pelican Bay State Prison, Prison Killers, Chris Blatchford Fox 1, Gang Wars, Californias most dangerous street gang, Gang Race Wars
Category: Education
Description: From California's prisons, the Mexican Mafia encouraged racial tension with black gang members in southern California's schools and on the streets.
Duration: 4 minutes and 45 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: August 22, 2016
Uploader: Bat Man


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Sam Loomis • 3 years ago
"Murder in the Making" Chris Blatchford reports on the escallating violence among the asian gang sub-culture. Circa 1990.
T.L. Security Solutions • 2 years ago
This video highlights a few of the "connections" and planned assassinations of EME (Mexican Mafia) dropouts who are associated with the VICTORY OUTREACH church... From Pelican Bay to the Mexican border... ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS by undercover informants wearing a "wire" while talking with other full-fleged EME members. Also, in this video we have ACTUAL FBI 302 reports... providing support for our video. Mexican Mafia and the Victory Outreach Connection (PART 2) Some of the "La Eme" members we discuss are: -Kilroy -Big D -Ricky -Stranger -Ben -Artie -Robot -Robert Salas -John Turscak -Avalla -Albert Marquez -Bat -Chuy -Big Top Locos -Mono -Max Torvisco -Bala -Stretch -Mexicali
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Rapper Baldacci talks about Black and Mexican Gangs in Southern California and how he's going from the streets to the studio. Cali Faces - California videos, interviews, music and entertainment. Website: http://www.CaliFaces.com Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/SheIsDanielleGold Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/CaliFaces
quepasamenso • 5 years ago
segment from 1999
Social Media Hashtag • 5 months ago
M.M.F. 26-year-old Michael Mejia, a documented gang member this is somebodys friend, brother uncle sister aunt fool dumbass fuckhead goofball silly man latinfinest13 hours ago (edited)Highlighted reply U r the first to be green lited, traced and have a hit in your family. .RIP
V.I. Anaya • 5 years ago
Report on Santa Ana gangs. Nov. 2nd FOX 11reports "OC Mafia" Note disclaimer I do not own this footage or content.