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China Sells A New Laser Gun

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Posted 1 month ago
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Category: People & Blogs
Description: China Sells A New Laser GunBuilt as a joint venture by the Chinese Academy of Physics Engineering and Jiuyuan Hi Tech Equipment Corporation, and marketed by Poly Technologies, the Low Altitude Guard I first debuted in 2014
Duration: 3 minutes and 12 seconds
Rating: 8/10 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: June 11, 2017


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Armed Forces • 1 month ago
OMG !! China Have a New Way to Sink US Aircraft Carriers The Pentagon just released its annual report on China’s military power, which once again highlighted Beijing’s efforts to put American aircraft carriers at risk. Right on cue, China announced a major milestone for a system that might be a key component of its antiaccess/area-denial (A2/AD) strategy. This week, Chinese state media reported that the Caihong-T 4 (CH-T4), China’s massive, solar-powered drone, for the first time flew at an altitude of twenty thousand meters. This is important because there are no clouds above twenty thousand meters, which allows solar-powered drones to operate for significantly longer periods of time. How long? Basically, indefinitely. According to China Daily, “future improvements will enable it to remain aloft several months or even several years.” Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer, who write the excellent Eastern Arsenal blog, note that the CH-T4 is an impressive combination of big and light. The drone’s wingspan is around 130 feet, which is wider than a Boeing 737. At the same time, the CH-T4 only weighs between 880 and 1,100 pounds. By way of comparison, Boeing 737’s lowest typical operating empty weight is over seventy thousand pounds, and its maximum gross takeoff weight can reach as high as 170,000 pounds. Besides being slender, the CH-T4’s lightness is due to its carbon fiber and plastic components. The drone can also travel at speeds of 125 miles per hour. However, it will also be able to cruise at sixty-five thousand feet, so it will be able to cover a huge swath of land without moving very far. Indeed, Lin and Singer point out: “It can utilize its high flight ceiling to maintain line-of-sight contact with over 400,000 square miles of ground and water. That's about the size of Egypt. For both militaries and tech firms, covering so much territory makes it an excellent data relay and communications node.”
Engineering8 • 8 months ago
Being a country with over a billion population, transport and utility systems would be in a massive scale like no other country ever experienced. These are China's mega-projects with world records. Subscribe us: ▶ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Engineering8 ▶ Our Tweets: https://twitter.com/YT_Engineering8 ▶ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Engineering8Channel ▶ Tumblr: http://engineering8.tumblr.com/ ▶ Google+ page: https://goo.gl/upGvEV Largest Power Station: Three Gorges Dam. That also automatically makes it the largest hydroelectric power station on the planet—with maximum output capacity of 22,500 MW from 34 giant turbines. It took nine years long of construction with a staggering 27.6 billion USD, replacing Itaipú Dam that sits in the second place. CC-BY: by Matthias Alles, https://goo.gl/8zjYwU Longest Bridge: Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge. Believe it or not, this 164.8 km (102.4 mi) viaduct is part of world's longest HSR line—Beijing-Shanghai Line in which three long bridges along this line listed in the 10 longest bridges in the world. Viaducts are common for high-speed train for a smooth ride on uneven terrain. CC-BY: by Leonhard Weese, https://goo.gl/oAWzjX by Siyuwj, https://goo.gl/9j92dy by Lian Chang, https://goo.gl/nwxa3A Longest High-speed Railway Network: China HSR Network. Currently, China has over 20,000 km (12,000 mi) of high-speed rail route with projection of 38,000 km (23,600 mi) by 2025. Over 1.1 billion ridership registered in 2015 alone. CC-BY: by Michael Gwyther-Jones, https://goo.gl/FL6zXJ by Howchou, https://goo.gl/ZupLZy by антон хайров, https://goo.gl/UBzuDF Fastest Supercomputer: Sunway TaihuLight. Listed as the fastest supercomputer on the planet by top500.org since June 2016 at 93 petaflops based on LINPACK benchmark, replacing Tianhe-2, another China's supercomputer. Even astonishing when Sunway TaihuLight 100% relying on homegrown technology especially its CPU. CC-BY: by FU Haohuan et. al, https://goo.gl/p71Bjp Highest Bridge: Sidu River Bridge. This is the world's highest bridge by a maximum vertical drop distance from deck which is about 496 m (1,627 ft). Commissioned in November 2009 with construction cost of 720 million Yuan. Located in southern part of China with plenty of deep gorges and steep hills, many similar rails and highway bridges were highly ranked in this category. CC-BY: by Glabb, https://goo.gl/uVFutY, https://goo.gl/dlCPmi Longest Railway Tunnel: Guangzhou Metro Line 3. Commissioned in 2010 after 5 years of construction, it is longer only by 3.3 km (2 mi) of that newly opened Gotthard Base Tunnel in second place. However there are longer tunnels but most of them function as water transfer. CC-BY: by 柯宏韜, https://goo.gl/NRYFdF Largest Building by Floor Area: New Century Global Center. Located in Chengdu, sixth largest city in China, this multipurpose building has a floor area of 1.7 million square meters (18 mil sq ft). Most of floor dedicated for retails, however its also offers houses offices, conference rooms, a university complex, two commercial centers, hotels, even water theme park at top of building. Largest Aperture-filled Telescope: Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST). As its name tells, it has dish with diameter of 500 meter (1,640 ft) made of 4450 triangular panels with 11 meters on each side, in the form of geodesic dome. Begin testing in September 2016, but this radio telescope would be expected to be underutilized due to lack of experts in the area. Fastest Commercial Operating Train: Shanghai Maglev Train. Transrapid finally made its first commercial usage of magnetic levitation train as an airport metro ferrying passengers between Longyang Road Station and Pudong international Airport on 30.5 km (19 mi) rail long route. Maximum operating speed is about 431 km/h (268 mph) although its absolute maximum is about 501 km/h (311 mph). CC-BY: by Hikosaemon, https://goo.gl/TbmVmY by Victor Cherniavsky, https://goo.gl/KLvFeF Among Largest engineering mega-project: South–North Water Transfer Project. It's a multi-decade running project mega-project since Mao Zedong era aim to deliver 44.8 billion cubic meter of fresh water per year from south to more arid and industrialized northern region such as Beijing, Tianjin and Weihai.
World of War • 5 months ago
For over 6 years, Huang Wenhua and his team at the Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology in Xi'an have been working on a potent microwave weapon. This one, which recently won China's National Science and Technology Progress Award, is small enough to fit on a lab work bench, making it theoretically portable enough for land vehicles and aircraft.
China has transported thousands of tonnes of military vehicles and equipment to Tibet since its involvement in a border standoff with India, according to Chinese state media. The reports said the equipment was moved to the south of Kunlun mountains in northern Tibet by the Western Theatre Command of People’s Liberation Army. The Western Theatre Command oversees the restive regions of Xinjiang and Tibet, and handles border issues with India.
Two Chinese fighter jets intercepted a U.S. Navy surveillance plane over the East China Sea at the weekend, with one jet coming within about 300 feet (91 meters) of the American aircraft, U.S. officials said on Monday. The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said initial reports showed one of the Chinese J-10 aircraft came close enough to the U.S. EP-3 plane on Sunday to cause the American aircraft to change direction.
Chinese naval fleet arrives in Russia for joint drill A Chinese naval fleet reached Russia's Baltic city of Kaliningrad Friday, ready for a joint drill with Russia scheduled in the Baltic Sea in late July. The Chinese fleet consists of one destroyer, one frigate, one supply ship, ship-borne helicopters and marines. The Russian side includes one frigate, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and marines. The two sides plan to conduct air-defense, maritime search and rescue, underway replenishment and other exercises.
China's new microwave weapon can disableballistic and paralyze tanks .microwave weapons shut down electronic systems (even those with traditional shielding against EMP) by bombarding the target with energy pulses between 300 and 300,000 megahertz. This amount of directed energy interferes with and overloads electronic circuits, causing them to shut down. The higher the energy produced by the system, the greater the disruption (and even physical damage for some very high-powered microwave weapons) of the targeted electronic systems like engines and communications system
The Chinese air force will enroll eleventh female flying cadets this year, a total of 35 people, the air force after 4 years after the re recruitment of female flight cadets. It is a year cadet, and there will be a number of good children they may join the air force team pen enlist, can drive the most advanced fighters -20 aircraft flying in the blue sky, the Yu Xu martyrs unfinished wish.
China has demanded the withdrawal of Indian troops from a scrap of disputed territory to end an escalating-border row between the two Asian powers that has drawn in tiny Bhutan.