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Chapter 2 - Carving a Camellia Flower

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Posted 5 years ago
Carving, camellia, flower, with, Mary, May
Category: Howto & Style
Description: This is the second chapter in the process of carving a camellia flower
Duration: 5 minutes and 52 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: June 15, 2012
Uploader: Mary May


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Rien957 • 5 years ago
Con questo esercizio, la manipolazione degli attrezzi, sarà più sciolta e maggiore la soddisfazione dei risultati ottenuti. Il meglio si otterrà con l'esercizio, l'esercizio, l'esercizio. Gli attrezzi indicati nell'esercizio sono relativi alle dimensioni adottate, per dimensioni pù piccole usare sgorbie più piccole, ma della stessa forma. Musica : Roger Subirana Mata - The Dark Symphony -- Jamendo - MP3 VBR 192k - 2009.04.24 [www.jamendo.com]
The Carving Shop • 3 years ago
Demonstration video on carving a rose out of wood using traditional chisels.
Mary May • 5 years ago
Mary May showing the technique of carving the leaves of a camellia flower in basswood
Dsource Ekalpa India • 1 year ago
Kasaragod District is one of the districts of the Indian state of Kerala. Kerala being rich in its culture and traditions attracts tourists from all over and is named as one of the hundred great trips of twenty first century. The products of Kasaragod wood carving can be mostly seen in temples. The doors are carved with Gods and Goddesses. The Mallam, the top part of the temple has wooden carvings that are three dimensional (Vyali protecting the place and people around the shrine). Since the woodcarvers take up works relating to temples one gets to see the works of woodcarvings on the doors, top part of the shrines and pillars installed at temples. The face on top part of the shrine is Vyali. The design that is to be carved on wood is first sketched on a paper with a pencil or pen. The paper is cut along the sketch edges with a sharp knife. Cut out of sketch is obtained. This cut out design is placed on the wood to be carved and outlines are marked. For more information visit http://dsource.in/resource/wood-carving-kerala-0 Write to us at [email protected]
Rodolfo Zepeda • 5 years ago
VENTA DE PLANTILLAS EN FORMATO PDF DESCARGA INMEDIATA. https://vendearchivoz.com/rodotallador woodcarving talla en madera informacion de la talla en madera http://tallandomadera.weebly.com/ Libro de ornato vol. 1 [email protected]
Jón Adólf Steinólfsson • 7 years ago
Video of me making a simble flower and the wood I used is Lime. My son, Ægir már Jónsson, produced and edited this video. Jón Adolf Steinólfsson - www.jonadolf.com -
Kari Hultman • 6 years ago
ERROR IN THE VIDEO: THE PRIMARY KNIFE WILL NOT BE A PERFECT PINNACLE WHEN YOU REMOVE THE BEVELS; THE SIDES WILL HAVE A SLIGHT CURVE TO THEM LIKE A KNIFE BLADE. Also, I'm not sure if I made it clear enough in the video, but the primary knife is the one that should NOT have any bevels. You SHOULD have bevels on the stab knife, however. Do not remove those. This video just covers some basics about chip carving. To learn more, I highly recommend the book by Wayne Barton called The Complete Guide to Chip Carving.
charlestoncitypaper • 5 years ago
Interview and process video of Mary May in Charleston, SC. Produced as part of "The Makers" article for the Charleston City Paper in 2012, by Joshua Curry. More videos at charlestoncitypaper.com.
woodcarvingworkshop1 • 4 years ago
http://www.woodcarvingworkshops.tv In this introductory lesson, you'll learn a brief history of the Acanthus leaf and discover its hidden architecture so you can start creating your own designs. To see the complete series and have Chris take you through carving the Acanthus, join us by subscribing to: WoodcarvingWorkshops.tv.
Christopher Schwarz • 5 years ago