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Cardiovascular Examination

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Posted 6 years ago
Cardiovascular, Examination, heart, sound, exam, Cardiac, stethoscope, auscultation, precordium, pmi, sounds, aortic, pulmonic, tricuspid, mitral, valve, angle, of, louis, patient, Sphygmomanometer, video, movie, USMLE, step, cs, tutorial
Category: Education
Duration: 2 minutes and 23 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: August 25, 2010
Uploader: MDforAll


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University of Dundee • 2 years ago
Staff at the University of Dundee provide a step-by-step guide to cardiovascular examinations. To find out more about studying Medicine at the University of Dundee visit http://www.dundee.ac.uk/study/ug/medicine/
OSCE PASS • 1 year ago
For FREE written guides visit http://www.oscepass.com The cardiovascular examination (CVS) is the examination of patient's heart and circulatory system. The CVS exam does not simply focus on the chest but is also a systemic clinical examination and assessment of the patient. It is also one of the core aspects of any OSCE exam. Share your tips and hints below.... Why not join our communities for regular help and useful tips! Like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/oscepass Follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/oscepass The procedure/examination shown is only a reference and please refer to local policies as your guide.