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Posted 2 years ago
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Category: Howto & Style
Description: Brazil´s Best: One hour of Rio Samba Dancing at Sambadrome. This video is a compilation of one hour of some the best live presentations of samba dancing, samba drumming, carnival floats and samba dance routines filmed at Rio de Janeiro´s Sambadrome, from 2012 all the way to 2014 Rio Carnival. You will have the chance to see many of the top samba-schools in their final rehearsals like "Salgueiro, Imperio Serrano Samba School, GRES São Clemente, União da Ilha, GRES Portela, Capricnhosos de Pilares, GRES Salgueiro, Cubango, GRES Vila Isabel, Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel and Porto da Pedra Samba School´s". Traditional sections of Samba-Schools like the "Baianas Section", Flag bearer ( "Mestre Sala e Porta Bandeira"), were also included. These exclusive videos are unique; many of them filmed from within the parades itself. You will also have a chance to see some of the charisma of top carnival queens like “Viviane Araujo”, “Shayene Cesário”, “Raphaela Gomes”, “ Bruna Bruno”,”Quitéria Chagas”, “Chris Alves”, “Bianca Leão”, “Aline Riscado” as well as Top Divas like “Lilian Duarte”, “Thuane Rocha” “Nilce Mel”, to mention a few. Finally, some of the best "Passistas" ( Samba Dancers Sections ) are also present on this video, like Diana Prado with “São Clemente, Império Serrano Samba” Porto da Pedra, Mocidade Independente, União da Ilha Samba dancers " etc in close up filming. We hope you enjoy this lengthy work composition of Rio ´s Sambadrome fine moments.brazil samba parade I brazil samba dance festival ISamba Dance Parade I rio de janeiro samba dance I brazil Carnival festival I brazil samba dancing I rio carnival samba parade hd I Rio carnival parade 2014: I rio de janeiro carnaval 2014 I samba dance rio Carnival I Rio Sambadrome I Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome 2014 I Smba dance festival 2014 I One Hour Samba Dancing I Brazilian Best Samba Parade I Carnival Floats I samba dance rio de janeiro I Live Sambadrome Rio de Janeiro I Samba Dancers Brazil I Samba Schools of Brazil I Rio Samba Schools
Duration: 59 minutes and 52 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: May 20, 2015


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juniorpetjua • 4 months ago
Alguns momentos marcantes dos últimos desfiles do Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro.
Brazil Carnival Videos • 1 year ago
Samba Video of the Official Samba Competition in Brazil Called “Official Rio Queen of Carnival “. This video shows the samba routines of the winners of this contest, which is considered the most challenging samba dancing in Brazil. Below a description of the event: The Carnival of 2016 Olympic city elected at the Samba City on November 14 the new Queen and two princesses for 2016 Rio de Janeiro Carnival, at an event held by the "RioTur", official Tourism Secretariat of Rio. The official competition was hotly contended and had as the grand winner "Clara Cristina Paixão", re-elected as Official Queen of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. The second prize as first Princess went to "Uillana Adães" and as Second Princess, "Bianca Monteiro". Each samba dancer had the opportunity to present their samba routine for a minute with her full carnival costumes, adding another degree of difficulty. ( Many costume may weight up to 20 Kilos) All candidates also answered questions from a panel of experts. At the beginning of the competition, 35 dancers were pre-selected, and after three qualifiers eight finalists remained for the grand showdown. Follows the names of the eight finalists: "Bianca Monteiro", "Clara Passion", "Cynthia Barboza"; "Deisiane Conception", "Egili Oliveira"; "Georgia Gomes"; "Vidal Priscyla"; and "Uillana Adães" The Queen of the Olympic Rio Carnival will won from the Rio city government a crown, a sash plus the amount of thirty thousand reais. The runner-up takes the title of first princess of the Rio Carnival, a tiara, a sash and receives twenty-two thousand Brazilian Reais. The third place is elected as the second princess, also winning a tiara, sash, the same amount of the first princess. It is also important to remember that the contest has been around for over fifty years and officially marks the start of Carnival in Brazil. Samba Official Video Rio I Samba dance competition I Samba Queen I Samba contest 2016 I Samba dance Performance I Professional samba dance I Samba dancing I Samba dance performance Rio I Samba dance Presentations I Live Samba Dance Performance I Top samba dance routine I Rio Samba Dancers I Rio Samba Dancing I Rio de Janeiro samba dance I Brazilian Samba dance competition
Brazil Carnival Videos • 4 years ago
Exquisite Black Empress of Brazilian Carnival: Imperatriz Samba School has an astonishing new Samba Drum Queen, the actress Cris Vianna. Imperatriz Samba School is very traditional in Rio both for its "roots" status and its samba dancers section. The samba school from Ramos had for many Years Luiza Brunet as its Drums Section Queen. For those who dont know, Luiza Brunet is a famous model and paraded 25 times in Rio´s Carnival, always as a Diva or as a full Queen. One of the records of the Brazilian Carnival. Cris Vianna made a brilliant performance at Imperatriz Samba´s rehearsal. Below a bit more about Cris: Cris Vianna was born in São Paulo, Brazil, is a Brazilian model and actress. The actress was one of the recipients of the Trophy Race 2010, in the category Best film actress for her role in Besouro. 2 before starting work as a model, Cris Vianna was nanny. Later participated for three years in a vocal group, Black Voices, in São Paulo. Her debut as an actress was in America, as the dancer Drica. Then came Sinhá Moça, in which she was the slave Maria das Dores. Also in 2006, in the Prophet, Cris lived the teacher Gilda in the plot. The invitation to interpret Sabrina in Two Guys came from Director Wolf Maya. When started the recordings of the novel, Cris Vianna was finalizing its participation in last stop 174, Bruno Barreto's 2008 movie based on the hijacking of bus 174, in Rio, in 2000. In this film, she plays Marisa (a chemical ex-dependente that drop the addiction and translates the Gospel, after having her son taken by the dealer who dominates the Hill, Meleca), the adoptive mother of hijacker Sandro. In 2009, Cris Vianna was at the novel paradise, Rede Globo. The following year, he participated in the novel modern times. In 2011, the actress played the charismatic Dagmar dos Anjos, selling pies, which drew public attention primarily by their sexy scenes, while taking a bath, and subsequently by his dialogue, usually exciting, with his son problematic Leandro dos Anjos, played by Rodrigo Simas in Fina Estampa. The actress was Queen of battery of the samba school Grande Rio, in 2011. Is the current Queen of Drums Section of the samba school Imperatriz Leopoldinense. Cris Vianna geboren in São Paulo, Brasilien, ist ein brasilianisches Model und Schauspielerin. Die Schauspielerin war einer der Empfänger die Trophy Rennen 2010 in der Kategorie Beste Schauspielerin für ihre Rolle in Besouro. 2 vor Beginn der Arbeiten als Vorbild, Cris Vianna Kindermädchen. Später nahm für drei Jahre in einer Boygroup, Black Voices, in São Paulo. Ihr Debüt als Schauspielerin war in Amerika, als Tänzer Drica. Dann kam Sinhá Moça, in dem sie die Sklavin Maria Das Dores war. Auch im Jahr 2006 an den Propheten gelebt Cris die Lehrerin Gilda in der Handlung. Die Einladung zum Interpretieren von Sabrina in zwei Jungs kamen aus Direktor Wolf Maya. Zu Beginn die Aufnahmen des Romans war Cris Vianna seine Teilnahme an der letzten Haltestelle 174, Bruno Barreto's 2008 Film basierend auf der Entführung der Bus 174, in Rio, im Jahr 2000 fertig gestellt. In diesem Film spielt sie Marisa (eine chemische Ex-Dependente, die fallen die sucht und übersetzt das Evangelium, nachdem er ihren Sohn erlittenen Händlers, der den Hügel, Meleca dominiert), die Adoptivmutter von Hijacker Sandro. Im Jahr 2009 war Cris Vianna Roman Paradise Rede Globo. Im folgenden Jahr nahm er an den neuartigen modernen Zeiten. Im Jahr 2011 aufregen die Schauspielerin spielte die charismatische Dagmar Dos Anjos, Verkauf von Pasteten, die öffentlichen Aufmerksamkeit in erster Linie durch ihre sexy Szenen, während ein Bad zu nehmen und anschließend durch seinen Dialog in der Regel zog, mit seinem Sohn problematisch Leandro Dos Anjos, gespielt von Rodrigo Simas in Fina Estampa. Die Schauspielerin war Königin der Batterie von der Samba-Schule-Grande-Rio, im Jahr 2011. Ist die aktuelle Königin der Batterie von der Sambaschule Imperatriz Leopoldinense. Cris Vianna è nato a São Paulo, in Brasile, è un'attrice e modella brasiliana. L'attrice è stata uno dei destinatari del Trofeo Race 2010, nell'attrice cinematografica di categoria migliore per il suo ruolo in Besouro. 2 prima di iniziare a lavorare come modella, Cris Vianna era tata. Successivamente ha partecipato per tre anni in un gruppo vocale, voci Black, a São Paulo. Il suo debutto come attrice era in America, come il ballerino Drica. Poi è arrivata la Sinhá Moça, in cui era lo schiavo Maria das Dores. Anche nel 2006, nel profeta, Cris ha vissuto l'insegnante Gilda nella trama. L'invito di interpretare Sabrina in due ragazzi è venuto dal direttore Wolf Maya.
DingDaengThai • 6 years ago
2011 Carnival Dancers
Brazil Carnival Videos • 1 year ago
Top 5 Brazilian Dance Live presentations at Rio´s City of Samba. At this rare compilation, we see Brazil wide famous Samba Dancers presenting samba solo routines, during a the live dance contest. The presentation had the extra charm of the beauty of the costumes worn by the dancers, which add glamour to the show, but at the same time challenges the dancers. Many of the parts of the costumes like the headpieces , beads , etc may fall during the presentation, so the ladies have to an extra challenge to present themselves tight. Also, the weight of the full costumes sometimes are a real burden, weighing more than 10 Kilos ( 22 pounds ) , so this is another reason for their great bodybuilding and aerobic training. Well, we hope you all enjoy this video, and please ask us questions!
DanceTime.com • 5 years ago
http://www.dancetime.com/ A Brazilian samba dancing performance at Pattie Wells' Dancetime Center for Brazilian Day San Diego 2012. Samba routine choreographed by Fabiola [email protected] BraziCali Marketing, dancers include Stephanie Swain Small (in pink) past instructor at the Pattie Wells' Dancetime Center.
Brazil Carnival Videos • 3 years ago
Cute Samba Dancer at Rio Sambadrome: Here we see one of the best samba dances "academies" of Rio, "Academicos de Santa Cruz." Its has a tradition of molding top samba dancers for many other schools inclusively. Their colors are green and white and every year their investment to reach the Premier League is growing. Aquí vemos a uno de los mejores bailes de samba "Academias" de Rio, Academicos de Santa Cruz. Su tiene una tradición de moldeo por bailarines de samba superior para muchas otras escuelas inclusivo. Sus colores son verdes y blanco y cada año crece su inversión para llegar a la Liga Premier. Qui vediamo uno dei migliori balli samba "accademie" di Rio, Academicos de Santa Cruz. Relativo ha un tradtion di stampaggio complessivamente superiore samba ballerini per molte altre scuole. I loro colori sono verde e bianco e ogni anno i loro investimenti per raggiungere la lega Primier sta crescendo. Hier sehen wir eine der besten Samba-Tänze "Akademien" von Rio, Academicos de Santa Cruz. Die hat eine Tradition des oberen Samba-Tänzer für viele andere Schulen einschließlich molding. Ihre Farben sind grün und weiß und jedes Jahr wächst ihre Investitionen mehr League zu erreichen. Här ser vi en av de bästa samba danserna "akademier" Rio, Academicos de Santa Cruz. Dess har en tradition av gjutning topp samba dansare för många andra skolor inklusive. Deras färger är grönt och vitt och varje år sina investeringar för att nå den Primier ligan växer.
Brazil Carnival Videos • 6 months ago
A transparent dress, ( also called see thru) sparkled with hundreds of Swarovski Crystals was the outfit chosen by Fran Peterson, Brazilian Fitness and Wellness model. She presented this audacious dress, showing perfect curves at her first Carnival at Rio de Janeiro. The model was invited to dance and parade with Rocinha Samba-School and displayed her impressive workout results. She had never participated as a diva for a samba school in Rio and had some samba dance lessons to improve her performance. Fran Peterson was wearing a transparent dress and a neckless with Swarovski crystals. Everybody was very impressed both with her transparent dress and body curves. Many also noticed the cut of her dress, which showed the results of her long hours of fitness and workout sessions, both on her upper and lower body. Every year, more "fitness or wellness" models are participating at the Rio Carnival parades to get involved at the Carnival world or to be noticed.
ballilatini • 3 years ago
Subscribe for more latin music: http://bit.ly/ballilatini Listen to our playlist Latin Dance Hits ▶http://spoti.fi/2nSGYwV Follow us on Spotify ▶ http://spoti.fi/2oEeSG0 Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/FacebookBalliLatini ▶ BUY the full MP3 album from our store: http://bit.ly/1IBYtYR ♫♫♫ Special Price ♫♫♫ ▶ BUY on iTunes: http://apple.co/2naTaw7 ▶ BUY on Amazon http://amzn.to/1KQrwpS Best of Carnaval Music from Brasil Carnaval (medley) Samba Sambao (medley) ( 07:25 ) Só Danço Samba - Gilson Silveira, Roberto Taufic ( 15:40 ) Samba da rosa -- Jair Rodrigues ( 19:27 ) Voce abusou - Gilson Silveira, Roberto Taufic ( 23:54 ) Branqueia - Gilson Silveira, Roberto Taufic ( 28:07 ) Roda Morena - Gilson Silveira, Roberto Taufic ( 32:11 ) Mais que nada -- Jorge Ben Jor ( 35:51 ) Thank you so much for watching this video by Balli Latini channel, we hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to share it and subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/ballilatini
Juliano Rossi • 4 years ago
|-- Elenco --| Inocentes de Belford Roxo Salgueiro Unidos da Tijuca União da Ilha Mocidade e Portela |-- Ficha Tecnica --| Título Original: Carnaval 2013 País de Origem: Brasil Diretor: Rede Globo Duração do Vídeo: 59 Min Ano de Lançamento: 2013 Qualidade do Vídeo: HDTV Release: PacMatias Conteúdo Gravado da TV Globo! Conteúdo Disponibilizado Gratuitamente!