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Behaya Mon - cover

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Posted 9 months ago
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Category: Entertainment
Description: Behaya Mon cover by Rokib hasan Subscribe for more......
Duration: 3 minutes and 36 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: HD
Published: November 22, 2016
Uploader: FP Studio


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tasrif khan • 5 months ago
this is an unplanned fusion of behaya mon(1&2) by kureghor band .we were getting prepared to cover another song but suddenly the plan was changed and finally we cover this song :) . ( https://www.facebook.com/tasrif.shakkhor )
Folk Music BD • 5 months ago
বেহায়া মনটা লইয়া তোমারে ভালোবাসিয়া / Behaya mon is a famous song of Chisty Baul. Even it was the most sensational Bangla folk song of the last year. Singer Ashik performed this song on a tv channel program and it was mind blowing to listen. I loved it and hope you will like it too. It is known as Behaya mon special by ashik, Its a latest and new Bangla song of 2017. If you want to listen to Ashik playlist please go to the link: https://youtu.be/gkNkbvtQIrM Hope you will like the playlist. If you really like don't forget to click on like icon. It's best to let us know more about your ideas. Let us introduce the Bangladeshi folk and traditional music to the global audiences. It is not possible without your contribution. So please share to contribute in spreading worldwide. This song link: https://youtu.be/oSj3V7tNROM We are FOLK MUSIC BD. find us on http://www.facebook.com/folkmusicbd Thank you for watching this video, please stay subscribed for more playlist.
MR Rezaul Islam • 7 months ago
অসাধারণ একটি গান, রকিব এর গলায়। দোস্ত ধন্যবাদ এই রকম একটা গান উপহার দেয়ার জন্য।
Safwan Sabbir • 4 weeks ago
Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/saymoon.raz Cajon :- Rabbi Vocal :- Safwan Sabbir Ukulele :- Ataur Isty
Radio Next 93.2FM • 2 months ago
বাংলা লোক গান - Bengali Folk Songs • 10 months ago
শামসুল হক চিশতি - বেহায়া মন ও তুই, যতই জ্বালা দিস রে কালা, ততই বড়ে প্রেমও স্বাদ, তোর লাইগা বেহায়া মনটা, করে রে উৎপাত। শোন বলি গো, প্রান-নাথ, তোর লাইগা বেহায়া মনটা, করে রে উৎপাত। ও তুই, যত ব্যাথা দিয়েছিস নিঠুর, ব্যাথার পরিবর্তে সেথা, লেগেছে মধুর। রে আমার / রে বন্ধু, লেগেছে মধুর। যেমন, প্রভূর দ্বার ছাড়ে না কুকুর, যতই করুক বেত্রাঘাত। তোর লাইগা বেহায়া মনটা, করে রে উৎপাত। শোন বলি রে, প্রান-নাথ, তোর লাইগা বেহায়া মনটা, করে রে উৎপাত। বেহায়া মনটা লইয়া, তোমারে ভালোবাসিয়া, আজ আমার ঘটিলো জঞ্জাল।
Ontore Baul • 10 months ago
https://www.facebook.com/ontore.baul.5 সামসুল হক চিশতী
Rainbow Music • 5 months ago
বেহায়া মনটা নিয়া তোমারে ভালোবাসিয়া || Behaya Monta Nia Tomar Bhalobasia by Ashik
Gaan Bangla TV • 11 months ago
Track : BEHAYA MON II Singers : CHISTY BAUL & TAPOSH Composed by TAPOSH Lyrics & Tune : SHAMSEL HAQUE CHISTY Keys : TAPOSH Flute : JALAL AHMED Percussion : MOHINI DEY & JOMY GEORGE Violin : ALICJA Guitar : SANJOY DAS Choir : PRIYO, NAMRATA & DEEPTY Mixed & Mastered by : PAVEL AREEN [ BANGLADESH ] SHADAB RAYEEN [ MUMBAI , INDIA ] Produced by : KAUSHIK HOSSAIN TAPOSH & FARZANA MUNNY from TM PRODUCTION exclusively for GAAN BANGLA TELEVISION All rights reserved by ONE MORE ZERO GROUP , BANGLADESH [For ROBI GOON GOON: Type GET 5845471 and send to 8466] [For AIRTEL Caller Tune: Type CT 5845471 and send to 3123] “Wind of Change” is breaking barriers with fusion this time. The first attempt was testing the waters and this time TM Production has dived deep into the ocean of music. A much larger group of music magicians are involved from around the world this time turning every song into an adventure that explores exciting parameters of creativity. Ecstatic compositions and music arrangements, bringing back the legends and unsung heroes of Bangladeshi Music Industry, “Wind of Change” has created a benchmark that should give the critics enough fulfilling topics to talk about. The mission still remains the same. It is to build a platform that is worldwide in nature and provides a sanctuary for musicians around the world, to come together and experience musical dimensions not imagined previously. It will not be limited to any geographical boundaries but push every limit to its core in order to connect musicians across the planet. TM Production is striving to prove that music has no boundaries and is the most unrestricted form of expression that exists !
Mallik Yishorja • 10 months ago