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Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo - Episode 333 - Full Episode

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Posted 4 years ago
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Category: Shows
Description: The Village Head honours Laali by presenting her with a shawl. Loha apologises to Laali in front of everybody for abusing her. Ranvijay too seeks forgiveness from the Village Head for trying to kill Shekhar. Jamuni comes up with a plan to spread immense hatred against Laali in the mansion. Laali is welcomed to the mansion, and is overwhelmed when Madhav addresses her as mother. Jamuni advises Suman to keep her feelings of hatred suppressed for now, and to give vent to them when the time is right. Stereo Audio
Duration: 21 minutes and 10 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: August 28, 2012
Uploader: zeetv


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zeetv • 4 years ago
Sumitra entrusts the house keys to Laali and asks her to address her as mother. Laali feels bad when Madhav addresses Shekhar as a mad man. Laali goes to help Suman drape her sari but Suman walks away. Later, Laali asks Suman how she managed to cook an elaborate meal for the religious ceremony but Suman continues to be cold to her. Loha's man informs Loha that the priest has refused from performing the ceremony. Loha goes to the priest's house, and the priest insults him. Loha then threatens him. Stereo Audio
zeetv • 4 years ago
The Head Priest's men ask the devotees to finish off Shekhar and Laali because they killed the Head Priest but Loha tries to stop them. One of the stones hit Loha's eye. Loha gets treated and regains his eyesight! The Village Head calls for a village council meeting to decide how the Head Priest got killed. Shailendra gives away Laali to Shekhar and asks him to take good care of her. However, Suman vows never to stop hating Laali for hurting her father. During the village council meeting, the Village Head scolds the villagers for supporting the wicked Head Priest. He declares all charges cast on Shekhar and Laali as baseless and says that they will live together as man and wife. Stereo Audio
zeetv • 4 years ago
Madhav calls Shekhar a mad man, so Laali explains to him that Shekhar is his father. Madhav hugs Shekhar. Suman feels hurt seeing Laali happy with her family. Jamuni tells Suman that her sweet dish has got burnt and blames Laali for it. Jamuni then tells Suman about Madhur and Rekha. Suman scolds Laali for her misdeeds and calls her a selfish woman. Suman accuses Laali of breaking her home and making merry with Shekhar. Laali slaps Suman. Suman tells Laali that she hates her. Loha informs Sumitra that he will himself perform the religious ceremony. Kripashankar Tripathi, a minister, tells Loha that no villager will participate in the religious ceremony. He warns Loha that he will be punished for beating the priest. Stereo Audio
zeetv • 4 years ago
Loha explains to Tripathi how the priest had insulted him, and hence he had done no wrong. When Laali gives the offerings to Suman, she flings it and insults Laali. Madhur asks Suman to apologise to Laali. Suman demands to know why he still loves Rekha. Laali overhears Ranvijay asking Madhav not to go to school. Sumitra assures Laali that Madhav will mend his ways soon. Ranvijay warns Jamuni to be careful while creating rifts between Laali and Suman. Meanwhile, Laali promises the school principal that Madhav will not misbehave but he says that he cannot admit children from disrespectable families. Stereo Audio
zeetv • 4 years ago
When Laali returns home, Loha asks her where Jamuni is. Loha warns her of dire consequence if she acts too tough. Laali tells him that she will not let Jamuni's life get ruined because of an election ticket. Sumitra taunts Loha and Ranvijay about selling women from their own home. Sumitra tells Laali that she never had the guts to fight injustice but this time, she would support her. Jamuni has a nightmare and ends up pushing the bucket. Loha hears the noise and heads towards the hideout. Stereo Audio
zeetv • 4 years ago
Laali and Shekhar walk into the mansion. Ranvijay stops Shekhar and asks him to help him in repairing his vehicle. Ranvijay asks Laali to go and meet Madhav in the room, as he is eager to meet her. Laali starts walking towards Madhav's room. Sumitra watches from the balcony and feels that something is fishy. Just when Laali is about to enter the room, Sumitra stops her. Loha Singh is shocked to see Laali safe and sound. Sumitra tells Loha that she had stopped Laali from entering the room where he had planted a bomb to kill her. Sumitra informs the police about this incident. The police arrive and warn Loha that he would be arrested if he tries to harm Laali again. Sumitra tells Loha that she will protect Laali at any cost. Madhur and Rekha too support Laali. Loha gets frustrated and tells Sumitra that only time will tell who will be victorious in this fight.
zeetv • 4 years ago
Gangiya informs Sumitra, Laali and Shekhar that everything is arranged according to their plan of scaring Loha. Loha prepares to perform a `puja' to get relief from Sumitra's spirit. Just when the `puja' starts, Laali, Shekhar and Jamuni scare Loha by making sounds and banging doors. Ranvijay decides to find out the truth about the happenings in the mansion. Loha is shocked to notice Sumitra. Gangiya gives him his rifle and he shoots at Sumitra but she is unhurt. Trembling with fear, Loha asks Sumitra what she wants. Sumitra asks Loha to confess his crimes. Loha confesses that he killed her and also tried to kill Rekha and Madhur for his own greed. When the `Sarpanch' arrives at the mansion along with the police, Loha realises that Sumitra is alive and that he was tricked into confessing his crimes. Loha gets arrested. Loha is disqualified from the elections and Laali is elected as the `Sarpanch' of the village. Gangiya, Jamuni and other villagers rejoice at Laali's victory.
zeetv • 20 hours ago
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zeetv • 4 years ago
At the `Panchayat' meeting, a member asks Rekha about her views. Rekha says that whatever Laali and Madhur said was false. She even denies the fact that Ranvijay had tried to kill her. Madhur is shocked and says that Rekha is lying. When asked about the divorce papers, Rekha reveals that Ranvijay was forced to sign the papers. Laali is shocked and pleads to Rekha not to ruin her life. Loha's men catch Gangiya eavesdropping on them. Loha orders his men to kill her. Laali requests the `Panchayat' to allow her to talk to Rekha, but Rekha refuses to talk to her. Finally, Laali asks Rekha to swear on Madhav and say if she really loves Madhur or not. Rekha gets emotional and says that she loves Madhur. Ranvijay arrives and fiends that he is extremely hurt by Rekha's statement and deceit. He also says that he does not want to stay with Rekha and is divorcing her. The members of the `Panchayat' come to the conclusion that Suman is innocent since there are no allegations against her. However, a villager who is Loha's aide, objects to the decision of the `Panchayat' and asks them to punish Rekha. Stereo Audio