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Young speakers carry Dr. King's message at annual breakfast

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Posted 6 months ago
Tim Elliott, Ayanna Bennett, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jada Cole, Scott Walker
Category: News & Politics
Description: On Monday, to celebrate what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 88th birthday, students, community leaders and public officials gathered to remember his legacy.
Duration: 1 minute and 27 seconds
Rating: 5/10 - Poor
Definition: HD
Published: January 17, 2017
Uploader: WISN 12 News


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Just 4yr old Fatima Saleem Kodia is a Jr. KG student in Islamic International School (IIS) Mumbai. She is the youngest speaker in this program and MashaAllah Deliverd a great Speech "How to save Our Eeman?" in the Program "Goal Setters" June-2010. here is the script# (ARABIC) Alhamdulillah, Assalatu wassalaam alaa Rasoolillah Wa alaa Aalihi wa ashabihi ajmaeen; Amma Baad! A uzu billahi minash shayta nir-rajeem, Bismillah hirrahmanirraheem. Ya 'Ayyuha Al-Ladhina 'Amanu Qu 'Anfusakum Wa 'Ahlikum Naraan... (Quran:66:6) Rabbi Ashrah Li Sadri. Wa Yassir Li 'Amri. Wa Ahlul `Uqdatan Min Lisani. Yafqahu Qawli. (Quran 20:25-28) My Respected elders and my dear brothers and sisters, I welcome all of you with the Islamic greetings : Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah Sub'hanahu wa ta'aala be upon all of you. the topic of my talk is "How to save our Eeman (Faith)?" Brothers and sisters tonight before I continue we know how important is to save our eeman. Eeamn is the most valueable thing in this world and in the Aakhirah (Hereafter). In this world Eeamn saves us from the evil of the societies and our own Nafs (Soul). What about the aakhirah? In aakhirah, ALLAH will not going to check how much money you have? Allah is not going to ask you how much savings you have? Allah is not going to ask you that or is not going to check your Degree or Diploma, whether your a doctor or be a holder (of) M.A or Phd.... Nooooo!!! He is not going to ask you anything of this, But rather Allah is going to ask you is about your eeamn. The Prophet (Muhammad P.B.U.H) said :"(Arabic) La tadkhulu AlJannah... none of us will enter paradise... (Arabic) Hatta tu'minu... untill you have eeman." The topic is how to save our eeman? and then the prophet continued:" (Arabic) wala tu'minu hatta tahabbu... You will not have eeman untill you love one another." Now! how do you love one another? you love one another of which your brothers, of which your sisters. The Prophet (pbuh) is asking the Sahabas (Companions):"Shall I not tell you that will strengthened your love between yourself?" The Porphet (pbuh) is asking us: Do you want to know how can you strengthen your love among yourself? The Prophet (pbuh) said:"(Arabic) Afshus Salaama Bainakum... Spread the word of peace the greeting of islam everyday and so we the muslim say Assalamu Alaikum, it increases your eeman by greeting or saying these good words. Allah will strengthen your love among yourself, when you have a love you save your eeman. Now the other way is to save our eeman is by pondering over the meaning of the Qur'an which Allah has revealed to explain everything and the light to guide the human kind. There is no doubt that it contains a most powerful and effective pure things and knowledge, the knowledge that leads one to fear Allah and increases ones wealth and hence its also of the ways to save our eeamn. From that ways is doing a lot of righteous deeds and filling ones time for them, Its the part of Mercy and wisdom of Allah that He given us a veriety of acts of worship to do some of which are physical such as Salaah (Prayer) - The Fardh (Obligatory), Nawafil (optional), Sunnah (tradition), tahajjud (Night prayer). The financial such as zakaat (charity), some combine both physical and financial aspects such as umrah and Hajj, some are spoken such as Dhikr or dua. All deeds we did would increases our eeman and save it from destruction. Even the smile show on, whom you meet increases your eeman, look at your parents, your teachers, your freinds, everyone, smile at them because smile is a Sadaqah (charity). In Shaa Allah (God Willing) you will get all the blessings of Allah. With this I would like to end my talk by quoting the verse of glorious Qur'an which i recited in the beginning of my talk from Surah At Tahreem Chapter no. 66 Verse:6 (Arabic) "Ya 'Ayyuha Al-Ladhina 'Amanu Qu 'Anfusakum Wa 'Ahlikum Naraan..." O you who believe save your soul and your family from the Hellfire. Wa Aakhiru Da'wana Anilhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen (and this is Our last call All prasise is for Almighty Allah who is Lord of the worlds).
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• In-depth analysis and discussion of Dr. King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail • Explanation of the cognitive requirements of the Standards • Examples drawn from specific, well-argued paragraphs
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Search youtube for full video (I have edited this one to capture the points that I thought were key) Enjoy, comment and like if it gave you life! Share if you got inspired
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The floodwater reached nearly two-feet deep inside Burlington's Fox River State Bank. The bank's president and CEO, Keith Pollek, said bank vaults are built to be water resistent, but they aren't guaranteed to be water proof. Subscribe to WISN on YouTube for more: http://bit.ly/1emE5YX Get more Milwaukee news: http://www.wisn.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wisn12 Follow us: http://twitter.com/WISN12News
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Youth motivational speaker and suicide prevention expert/trainer, Jeff Yalden shares with you a video of his visit to Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation in Akron, IN. For two days Jeff Yalden gave his heart and presence to the teens, teachers, and families to answer questions by the parents and community, and to bring the students back to normal after an amazingly challenging year of loss. Indiana is ranked #2 in students thinking about suicide and #1 in students choosing death by suicide. Three communities now in Indiana call upon Youth Motivational Speaker, Jeff Yalden to help heal the hearts of their students and to answer questions about parenting today's teens. Jeff Yalden delivers a message to parents about teen depression, parenting today's teens, and our responsibility to our kids. Jeff is real. Jeff is fun. Jeff is engaging. Enjoy the video and know that lives were saved and hearts were touched. Please visit www.JeffYalden.com for more information about Jeff Yalden and his work with youth, teachers, education, and parents.