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Lolita/aristocrat vlog 2, part 1, by iiraliina, ~INTRO~

Lolita/aristocrat vlog 2, part 1, by iiraliina, ~INTRO~ Video Download in HD Mp4, 3Gp, Video Song, Movies, Trailer Free Download
Tags: iiraliina, gothic, aristocrat, lolita, vlog, EGA, EGL
Posted 6 years ago
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Category: People & Blogs
Description: Subtitles coming soon!Hello, everyone!This is my second video on Youtube and including a small intro about the second video itself that will include information about "How to create my first simple aristo (gothic aristocrat) outfit?". Well, hopefully the video will be useful atleast for someone although I won't be speaking during it. Maybe it's better that way, haha. You may enjoy it more when the information is given in written form with some beautiful music on the background.During this video I will also introduce you my outfit which this time is completely black (kuro) gothic lolita outfit. I wore this same outfit, and hair and make up etc. at school on that same day. I got lots of good feedback of it, so please if you have something to mention about it (good and bad) feel free to express your thoughts. Lolita tends to look slightly different on me because of my body structure: I'm very tall (195cm with my shoes on, and 185cm without shoes) and thin. Sorry for always mentioning about my height. The purpose in that is just to support tall lolitas as well. :)The outfit.dress: made by mehat: made by mechoker: made by megloves: vintageshoes: second handcross: Alchemy Gothicsocks: Moi-même-Moitiécoat: Moi-même-Moitiébag: Moi-même-MoitiéThank you for all the comments last time and especially for the critique! You have no idea how much concrit is appreciated.And, as last time, I'm very sorry for the horrible quality of the video. I'm now sure that I need to get myself, not only a new camera, but a new computer as well. Hopefully the next video will look better. I try my best with it, so hopefully you will be looking forward to it! :)---My next videos will include: -lots of information about gothic aristocrat/EGA and lolita fashions (gothic, classic, sweet etc.)-several tutorials for make up, hair and outfits (perhaps even a small sewing tutorial)-videos and pictures of lolita/aristocrat meetings in Finland-pics of me, of my outfits, of my friends etc. etc. etc.-interviews with my lovely friends and other as random things. :)---Here are some links to read and see more about me, my outfits, lolita and aristocrat styles in general etc. :-My Daily Lolita posts: http://community.livejournal.com/dail...-My blog: http://rosanitida.blogspot.com/-Facebook: name is Iira Salo-EGL community: http://community.livejournal.com/egl-Finnish lolita community: http://www.enfantterrible.fi/Feel free to ask me questions and for more links!---See you soon again!-Iira
Duration: 5 minutes and 27 seconds
Rating: 9/10 - Excellent
Definition: SD
Published: October 23, 2010
Author: iiraliina


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iiraliina • 4 years ago
Visit my blog at http://rosanitida.blogspot.com Hello everyone :) First of all, I would like to thank you all for watching and commenting my videos. I really appreciate all the effort people put in their messages to share their thoughts with me. I'm too flattered. *blush* Unfortunately, I do not have the time to answer all the comments (*sad* ;___;), so if you wish, please send me your questions by private message. I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible, but I hope you understand that I receive hundreds of e-mails weekly and to answer all of the would take a lot of time from the other things that need to be done first. This tutorial was filmed 12.3. - 13.3. as I wanted to prepare this outfit for my 20th birthday. I hope you like the look as I personally find the outfit very warm and comfortable. :3 Like always, concrit will be highly appreciated. I also got a lot of messages from people saying that I shouldn't wear the kuro tomesode kimono as it is traditionally worn by married women in Japan (for important ceremonies). Thank you for everyone for caring so much! I really appreciate that. I just want everyone to know that, yes, I know very well how kuro tomesode is traditionally worn, but in my case, as I love the simple pattern and subtle detailing on the hem (plus the fact that the kimono is black), I really wanted to have it to myself and wear it in a bit more western way without the obi (I wore a belt instead). What do you think? :3 And if you were shocked by the amount of make up, well, let me tell me tell you a secret: that's nothing compared to the amount of make up that I can put on on a day when I feel like hiding behind a mask. Haha. I just love to play with the fact how much you can change your looks with make up. :) I also get a lot of messages about my height, so let me explain it here: yes, I'm 185cm/6ft1 tall and yes, I wear 12cm high heels. And YES, I do not care what other people think - I love being a lot taller than everyone else. 8''3 I'm very scary in person, waaaaaah~ *walks around like a ghost* So, I hope you liked the tutorial. There will be more coming soon. :) I hope you all have a wonderful week! Many hugs, Iira Audio to the video coming soon!
Refinery29 • 2 years ago
Subscribe to the Refinery29 channel: http://bit.ly/subscribe-to-r29 You undoubtedly know of Lolita, the controversial 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov that tells the story of an adult man's relationship with a sexually provocative 12-year-old "nymphet." You're also likely familiar with the Tokyo-born style subculture of the same name that consists of ruffled petticoats, lace hair bows, and pink parasols. And, if you're not part of that scene, you've probably conflated the two. Despite the little-girl attire and coquettish sensibilities, Lolita the style and Lolita the book come from completely different places. Originating in Japan in the '70s, Lolita fashion was a reaction to the contemporary trend of showcasing a woman's body through formfitting clothing. For women who didn't want to show off their bodies, this was a way to set their own rules about getting dressed, engaging with their clothing, and what was considered a "good" outfit. Small communities grew throughout Tokyo, an industry sprouted up to accommodate demand, and pretty soon, Lolita fashion became renowned beyond the streets of Harajuku. So, when we found a group of young women in Amsterdam who get together to dress up in Lolita gear, we weren't all that surprised. What did throw us for a loop, though, was how empowering they found it, as more than an activity but an identity and a community. A style subculture created by women, to dress women, and to be admired by women, it's one of very few that remove men from the equation entirely. Our host Asha Leo visits a group of women in The Netherlands who've come across a newfound confidence in a style that's traveled halfway around the world to find them. For all Style Out There episodes, go to: http://bit.ly/Style-Out-There For the latest trends and videos, visit: http://refinery29.com Like Refinery29 on Facebook: http://facebook.com/refinery29 Follow Refinery29 on Twitter: http://twitter.com/refinery29 Heart Refinery29 on Instagram: http://instagram.com/refinery29
promojoris • 5 years ago
Qu'est ce qu'une Lolita? LP JORIS : Chloé Rougier / Karim Boumghar Musique: Moon Kana - Chocolat Halcali - Sensation Halcali - tôgenkyô Aso Natsuko - Everyday sunshine line Morning Musume - Sakura Mankai
iiraliina • 5 years ago
Hello, everyone! I arranged a big lolita meeting here in Finland 28.5.2011, and these are some of the videos filmed at the meeting. Approximately 43 people including lolitas, aristocrats, kodonas and dandies participated the meeting, so luckily I got some help from people (especially when it comes to taking pictures and videos). Thank you so much everyone from the Finnish lolita community, Enfant Terrible, for the help and thank you for participating the meeting - and for making the day so fun and enjoyable! During the meeting we played different games while sitting at the cafeteria (I had a reservation for 50 people), wrote nice notes to everyone and later had a photoshoot at Kaisaniemi's Botanic garden. It was so much fun to see people's reactions to as huge group of lolitas as we had - luckily everything went well. I hope that everyone had fun at the meeting because I hope to meet you all some other day again. :) If you want me to delete some scenes where you don't want to be in, let me know and I will cut the video! :) Thank you for the most wonderful day! -Iira Visit our local community: http://www.enfantterrible.fi/ And my blog: http://rosanitida.blogspot.com/
iiraliina • 5 years ago
Hello, everyone! I made this video earlier as an arts project with a theme "How can make up change a person's looks" and the whole idea of the video was to use a lot of make up, so I came up with the idea of doing something lolita and aristocrat related and use this make up for a photoshoot (that wasn't held afterall). I don't usually use this much make up even when I wear lolita, but I think that, as cameras tend to eat most of the details from a persons face, this would be suitable for a photoshoot. :) Here you can see how much women (and men) can change their looks by using make up and hair products. And, actually, for many women it's quite hard to show their face to anyone without make up. For some make up is a shield, but for me it's something that I find fun to do, so I hope that you find this video atleast a bit funny. I wanted to show this video to you as so many people asked me to upload a tutorial online. So, I hope you like it. :) It's also possible to make a lighter version out of this make up by leaving some parts away. For example, I usually like to use less eye shadow and leave my eyebrows white (I DO have eyebrows, but they are white and I don't want to dye them as I like them as they are). I don't usually use as much blush either. From this video I left my circle lenses and fake eyelashes away because due to my hay fever my eyes are incredibly dry. And, once again, I feel incredibly silly infront of a camera. It feels just too funny to upload videos of yourself doing make up on Youtube. Haha, anyways, I hope you enjoy. Atleast my arts teacher was shocked how much my looks changed with make up. Personally I think I look like a tranny, haha. However, it was fun. I hope you all have a nice day! feel free to comment and give concrit. I highly appreciate honest and politely given critique. :)
pecorazza • 8 years ago
Vita da Gothic Lolita
XxNicoRobbinxX • 7 years ago
yep! -Sweet lolita -Gothic lolita -Country lolita -Hime lolita -Horror lolita -Kuro lolita -Classic lolita -Punk lolita -Kodona -Sailor lolita *cof cof* xD -Pirate lolita -Aristocratic -Shiro lolita -Wa lolita ^w^
Princess Peachie • 6 years ago
Hiya lolita fashion youtubers! I created this video meme for you to do if you wish! :) It's aimed more at people who wear lolita regularly or have elements of the "lolita lifestyle" in their lives, but if you feel that you can answer all the questions- go for it! QUESTIONS: 1. First, introduce yourself in your latest outfit! 2. Show off your lolita fashion collection! 3. Film your lolita vanity or desk! 4. Is your workplace or study lolita-themed? 5. Do you sleep in a bed fit for a lolita-wearer? 6. Where is your favourite place to be to feel a little more "lolita"? 7. What make-up do you use when wearing lolita fashion? 8. What not-so-lolita things do you enjoy in life? Sorry I seem quite derpy in this video. O_o;; And the lighting is bad. Oh wells!! ^^; DISCLAIMER: The music used is for entertainment and non-profit purposes only. I am not the creator of the music- it is from Animal Crossing and Sonic R, games from the previous decade which I both own and have paid for.
Isaki Tahashi • 1 year ago
What you're going to hear when you go out in public in lolita! FOLLOW ME! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Isaki/206546342775880?ref hl Instagram: https://instagram.com/isaki.go.boom/ Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/isakitahashi Twitter: @isakigoboom Business inquires: isakigoboom@gmail.com No permission is given for this video to be shared, copied, or redistributed in any way on 4chan.org, http://behind-the-bows.livejournal.com/, http://rebeccablacktech.com/, or any pornographic site what-so-ever.
Oaishe • 4 years ago
Hello! This is the second lolita dress i made and the first sewing tutorial ) Sorry if the directions aren't clear but i hope it still helped! Thank you for viewing :) Materials: 1 yard of black fabric 1 yard of white fabric and 1 yard of lace fabric or you can just use actual lace I do not own the music just the video!!~ Music: The song is no longer Sonic the hedgehog- Green Hill Top! Its now a clasical music from youtube's audio library