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4 year Breastfeeding Vlog: Night time breastfeeding decreases SIDS risk

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Posted 1 year ago
breast, breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, parenting, SIDS, night
Category: Education
Description: I plan to let my son self wean. I started this channel to educate others on the benefits of extended breastfeeding. I have been breastfeeding for 4 years. My son has stayed free of all childhood illnesses due to breast milk keeping his immune system strong.
Duration: 2 minutes and 54 seconds
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Definition: HD
Published: May 19, 2016
Uploader: Rain Florence


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I promote attachment parenting and baby lead weaning. I vlog my journey with extended breastfeeding as often as I can pull the camera out. I also have health related videos. Please share this video if you found it helpful. Most people never see extended breastfeeding. Extended breastfeeding can dramatically cut down on childhood illnesses by strengthening the child's immune system. My son has never needed to take antibiotics. If he gets stick I just breastfeed him through his illness, which clears up within a day or two.
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I share my extended breastfeeding journey. Please like share subscribe
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Twiddling is now proven to be very beneficial for breastfeeding and their is a biological reason why babies do it xxx