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Rust n Jute Fire Roll... Completely Surprised When It Burst Into Flames

Rust n Jute Fire Roll... Completely Surprised When It Burst Into Flames Video Download in HD Mp4, 3Gp, Video Song, Movies, Trailer Free Download
Tags: fire roll, jute fire roll, rust fire roll, boggycreekbeast, david west, rudiger roll, bow drill, hand drill, friction fire, hobo stove, light my fire, ferro rod, bush craft
Posted 1 year ago
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Category: People & Blogs
Description: I thought the Rust and Jute Fire Roll would work pretty easily, but I never expected it to burst into flames. LOL! I wasn't sure what to do next, end the video or go for the pine needles ignition. LOL! Check it out. Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks!
Duration: 10 minutes and 24 seconds
Rating: 7/10 - Good
Definition: HD
Published: October 15, 2015
Author: David West


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David West • 1 year ago
All wood product ashes don't necessarily work well in a fire roll. I noticed early on that typewriter paper and newspaper was pretty much hit and miss. So, I have all these pine needles that I've gathered up over the past few weeks, and as it turns out, many are not so great for bird's nests. They are too dried out and too brittle. Ideal pine needles are still supple and still have plenty of resin in them. So, today I wanted to see how well the fire roll would work with pine needle ashes from these poor quality needles that I'd like to get rid of... Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks!
David West • 4 hours ago
A thorough demonstration of The Handheld Bow String Technique... So easy to connect a bow string to this type of bow and is the easiest way to make use of the shortest of bow strings. Once again, I have to say, some years ago Gundog5 showed me two of the techniques within...the multiple bow string wraps technique, and this, the Handheld Bow String Technique that we explore today. Thanks! mentor! Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video Thanks! Gundog5 https://www.youtube.com/user/gundog5 *** Free online courses for those with a burning desire to learn.
David West • 3 days ago
Since I was making some good old Denim Char Cloth anyway, thought this would be a good time to go ahead and try something that I've been thinking about for a while now... charring a dollar bill. Certainly!!! with 25% linen and 75% cotton fibers within, it's going to make great char cloth... LOL! Come see how it all turned out. Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks! ***Free online courses for those with a burning desire to learn.
David West • 1 year ago
Lots of tips that will help you succeed on the fabric fire roll. Use cotton, 2"x12" strip, frayed end, lay down 2 1/2" of ashes 1/8" deep, 100 long strokes. Come check it out. Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks! *********************************Practicing and enjoying my friction fire hobby. Let's be realistic here. If you want to just practice in your back yard or do unusual challenges, like in my videos, don't let the so called experts make you feel like you're not learning or like you're doing something wrong. If you're like me and are never going to practice beyond the back yard... just enjoy yourself.... Consider this...No one is ever going to find themselves in a survival situation where friction fire saves their life... If a person has that much skill and proficiency in Friction Fire, then they already KNOW how completely unreliable friction fire is. They will not let themselves get caught, lost in the woods without a more sure way of making fire. Like me, when the experts learned and mastered friction fire, they also made some additions to their EDC... BIC, Fresnel Lens in wallet, Mini Ferro Rod on keychain, etc. Friction fire techniques are just something to be played with, nothing more than a curiosity.
David West • 9 months ago
I had just finished the hand drill segment of the video I told you about yesterday, 7 Fire Making Techniques On The Same Sycamore Branch. I was cleaning up from that video when I remembered an experiment I wanted to try. I cut a 3/8" thick disc from a 1 1/2" diameter Sycamore branch. Knowing how tight grained Sycamore is, I thought the little disc, end grain fire board might just hold together long enough for me to make the Horseweed Hand Drill ember. Man, did it ever. WOW!!!... Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks!!!
David West • 5 days ago
There really is no comparison. The non-ashed cotton fabric will ember up readily while exposed to the heat source but then immediated go out when removed from that source... The ashed cotton fabric will readily accept a spark and then with aerating grow that spark into a hot enough ember that will ignite to flames the cotton fabric. Come see the experiment within. Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks! *** Free online courses for those with a burning desire to learn.
David West • 1 week ago
Free Online Courses for those with a burning desire to learn........ 10 Unusual Ways To Make Fire... 1) Fatwood and Spent Bic 2) Standing Bow Drill 3) Vertical Fire Roll 4) One Handed Sperro Rod 5) Sperro Rod Ignited Leaves 6) Flint & Steel Ignited Char Cloth w/ Plastic Bag n Cloth Tinder B's 7) Recover Wet BIC 8) Flint and Corona Saw Ignited Char Cloth w/Paper Tinder B's 9) Toaster Ignition 10) Horseweed on Pine Hand Drill Friction Fire *** I could reshoot scenes over and over again until everything I say and do looks very smooth and easy. But, I leave in all the imperfections (Fumbling and bumbling) for 2 reasons... I want you to see that these techniques are real... not a hoax... not achieved through editing. And, secondly. I want people to try these techniques. If I create the illusion that everything is so very easy and then you try and struggle with them, I think that discourages you from learning these fire skills and ideas. By the way, I have 2 small blisters on my right index finger from ignited fatwood scrapings that just would not shake off. LOL! That's in the first of these 10 fire making techniques within. Thanks! Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video.
Boggy Creek Beast • 1 year ago
Video request. Fire Roll friction fire method without ashes. I am dedicating this video to good friends. I wish I had time to make a better one. Mike, you are in my thoughts and prayers brother. Mikes channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/mike1022ls1 Go subscribe and support. Andy, thank you brother. You are a good friend. Andy's channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/poopingandroid Go subscribe and support. A playlist of various materials that I came up with using this method can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list PLPUSw5w2ZpSaoXXuUMrbxUE4mjmoW1zYJ
Far North Bushcraft And Survival • 1 year ago
Learn a friction fire method that requires no cordage. This method is very do-able during a survival situation if you know what you are doing. This method is similar to the fire plow but with some major differences though. I learned of this method through Nova Scotia Outdoor Adventures https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePAuKGP7bzHY3hrHBtiKFQ
David West • 1 year ago
. I've only ever used 1x6s for Fire Rolling since I found the technique on boggycreekbeast Channel several months ago. That all changes in this video. See me fire roll vertically on the bark of a living Birch tree, try asphalt, and much more. It all turned out very nicely as I try 10 different ways to roll fire rolls. Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks!